On the occasion of its entry into the Pantheon, Saint-Florentin is extending the retrospective dedicated to Joséphine Baker’s visit to the Yonne department by two weeks.

Music hall artist, heroine of the Resistance and apostle of universal brotherhood, Joséphine Baker, she is the first black woman thus honored in France.

The date is not chosen at random, on November 30, 1937 Joséphine Baker became French by marrying Jean Lion, her third husband, a businessman from Saint-Florentin.

The retrospective that began this month has been extended by at least two weeks, announces Carole Fournier, deputy director of the Saint-Florentin tourist office.

Carole Fournier: It’s difficult to quantify since the retrospective is traveling through the city. You just have to stroll through Saint-Florentin.

It was discovered that Josephine Baker had two vacation homes. The first rue de la Maladrerie. She returned incognito in the 1950s to the house of her in-laws. This house also opened its doors last weekend.

Yes some remember when it came before the second world war. She visited her neighbors when they had a baby. She didn’t mind going to the local hairdresser, or singing in shops.

It is all remembered. We have always talked about Joséphine Baker in Saint-Florentin.

I am thinking of the charity gala she gave at the Palace cinema in Saint-Florentin in February 1939 for the benefit of the Spanish Republican refugees. She said “here we are as a family, so let’s have fun”.

She considered that Saint-Florentin was part of her family even though her marriage to Jean Lion was short-lived from 1937 to 1941. She remained in contact with her in-laws. The Lions are also buried in Saint-Florentin.

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