Author of 65 points last week in a summer league near Atlanta, Isaiah Thomas has not given up on his NBA dreams, and according to Marc Stein, he could offer himself the most beautiful challenge: to play again at the Celtics !

It was in the green jersey that he had exploded, becoming one of the NBA’s top scorers, but a poorly treated injury and Boston’s chance to get Kyrie Irving back ended his career dead. Since then, Thomas has been struggling, and last season, he appeared for three game ends with the Pelicans …

But in Boston, someone believes in him, and that’s Brad Stevens. Now GM, and therefore head of recruitment, Stevens would be interested in his profile. It must be said that the Celtics have transferred Kemba Walker, and on paper, Position 1 is clearly the weakest link in the team.

As 3rd playmaker, behind a rookie of choice and Payton Pritchard, Thomas could make some sparks, and put the public in the pocket.

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