Purchasing power will likely be a key topic in the next presidential campaign in eight months. It is also for this reason, detail Les Echos Monday, September 13, that the government is working on measures to preserve the wallet of the French, while inflation is pushing up prices. And according to the information of our colleagues, the Ministry of the Economy could make a small gesture on the energy check, as was also pointed out on LCI Bruno Le Maire this Monday, September 13: “We will look in the weeks which come whether, yes or no, it is necessary to use the energy check “, he specified, qualifying moreover this device of” fair and effective “.

What is the energy check? Allocated to low-income households, around six million French people, to pay their energy bills, it amounts to an average of 150 euros. Les Echos also reminds that the number of beneficiaries has almost doubled in three years since in 2018, 3.6 million fellow citizens reached it. Granted once a year, so it’s a real boost in paying the bills. According to Les Echos, Bercy therefore plans to make a move if necessary rather than taking “fiscal measures” deemed “more complex”.

But other avenues are mentioned, all the same fiscal, especially on the electricity side. As explained by Les Echos, this would be to give back to consumers part of the savings generated by public subsidies for renewable energies. A gesture that could be possible by the savings made by the government on wind and solar contracts which will cost less than expected. Our colleagues thus evoke two possible taxes, one on the contribution to the public service of electricity (CSPE) and the tariff contribution of transmission (CTA).

Laurent de Saint-Martin (budget rapporteur), for his part, is more in favor of a boost to the energy check. According to him, the measure could be voted on in the amended fiances bill at the end of the year. With an 8% increase in regulated gas prices on September 1, and electricity prices steadily rising, winter could be harsh for the French. The boss of market analysis (EnergyScan) at Engie, Julien Hoarau, even announced that “Europe was going to experience a very harsh winter” with a possible rise in energy prices of 20%.

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