If the government is now leaving the hand to companies in terms of the use of telework, a full return to the “world before”, with the 100% present no longer seems possible.

French employees are calling for, and even demanding, a hybrid approach with the maintenance of a more or less important dose of telework. And with labor shortages, the balance of power has changed in many sectors.

Thus, according to an Opinionway study for Slack (collaborative tool), 38% of employees say they are ready to change employer if it chooses to return 100% present. This figure rises to 57% among those under 35 …

“Before the pandemic, we said, professional life has invaded private life, today, it is private life that has invaded professional life”, sums up Benoit Serre, Vice-president President of ANDRH and HRD of L’Oreal France on the set of Good Morning Business this Tuesday.

The hybrid approach to work is therefore likely to become widespread in the coming years. Enough to raise the question of working time, the famous 35 hours a week. Will this framework still be viable in this logic?

“What does it mean to check in at home? It doesn’t mean anything and this is a real change in society,” he continues. Still, the subject is sensitive “it is a dogma, it is very difficult to discuss this subject there”, sums up the expert who nevertheless expects “on a probably legislative change in the next years “.

If we push our reasoning to the limit, we can also ask ourselves the question of the status of employees in a context of the generalization of telework. Could the sacrosanct CDI be replaced by ‘customer / supplier’ relationships, signaling the end of wage labor as we know it in certain sectors?

“Maybe not in a general way, but it is true that several types of company relations will coexist, CDI or not CDI. And that will quickly pose another problem: the France is very structured around the CDI, we will have to review the diagrams If tomorrow you have 30% of people who are in the service model, we cannot say that the model of self-entrepreneurship is incredibly effective in terms of social protection “, explains Benoit Serre.

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