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Stuart McKinley

Joel Cooper was the man of the game when Linfield Larne beat Larne 2-1 at Windsor Park to win the Irish Cup for the 44th time.

Chris John’s 7: Commanding the Air and a great salvation when asked to do so. Had conceded the late goal away.

Matthew Clarke 7: With Cooper so impressive in front of him, Clarke didn’t have as much to deal with as he normally would. Strong in attack.

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Jimmy Callacher 7: Did all the unspectacular things in the center of defense really, very well and showed some skill when he stepped into midfield.

Mark Haughey 7: Strong when it had to be, but Not pressured enough by an unusually blunt Larne attack.

Conor Pepper 7: Was great at winning the ball and then delivering the cross for Cooper’s goal. Also set a marker for the future.

Niall Quinn 8: Impressive in what he sees as a regular midfield role. A really strong presence.

Cameron Palmer 8: Already showed up as an exciting young prospect and shining when his big moment hit the big stage.

Jamie Mulgrew 7: Quietly effective and showed all his experience in winning his Seventh Irish Cup Medal.

Joel Cooper 9: Did an excellent dart run to score the goal that won the trophy and was fantastic both offense and defense.

Kirk Millar 7: One Danger with the ball, showing real hunger and a desire to work hard in his own half as well.

Shayne Lavery 8: Very clever move in creating the space for the first goal, albeit with an unorthodox ending. Impressive all round.

Conor Mitchell 7: There was a big save at the start of each half, but a cross he turned his back on was almost embarrassing.

Albert Watson 6: Quite defensive, but from behind it was difficult to play against Linfield’s tight marker.

Josh Robinson 6: Very uncomfortable when Linfield pulled him left and right out of position and had to kick out of the back line.

Dean Jarvis 6: Like Cosgrove on the on the other hand, he found himself in his own half when he would have liked to have come more.

Tomas Cosgrove 6: Given a hot time for Joel Cooper, he was never able to influence the opposition halfway .

Lee Lynch 5: He never really got into the game due to constant pressure from Linfield and it was no surprise he was replaced early in the second half.

Fuad Sule 6: The man who Usually pulling the strings for Larne, one shot that was the Querlat te flew over, completely excluded.

Jeff Hughes 6: Sixteen years after the defeat in the Irish Cup final, the captain could not influence the game.

John Herron 6: Occasionally drifted far and sought possession of the ball where he was in the middle was starving and couldn’t shine without the ball.

Ronan Hale 6: Largely isolated and struggled a lot with a lack of service and support from the start.

Marty Donnelly 6: Just a few lightning bolts showed how dangerous it can be before it is withdrawn at halftime.

SUBS: McDaid (for Donnelly 46, 6), Randall (for Lynch 53, 5), McMurray (for Hale 67, 5)

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