Teheran has crossed a new threshold by increasing its stock of 20% enriched uranium to more than 120 kg, the head of the Iranian Organization announced on Saturday evening. Atomic energy.

“We went over 120 kg. We have more than that number. Our people know very well that they (the Westerners, Editor’s note) were supposed to give us the 20% enriched fuel to use in the Teheran reactor, but they don’t. “haven’t done”, Mohammad Eslami told state television.

“If our colleagues did not produce it, we would naturally have problems with the lack of fuel for the Teheran reactor,” he added.

According to estimates at the end of August, Teheran had increased its stock of uranium enriched to 20% to 84.3 kg, a level which in theory allows it to produce meteorological isotopes. dicals, used in particular in the diagnosis of certain cancers.

Then in April, the Islamic Republic crossed the unprecedented 60% threshold and produced from 10 kg, approaching the 90% needed to make a bomb.

After the Americans unilaterally pulled out of the nuclear deal in 2018, Tehran gradually abandoned its commitments. The United States in turn imposed sanctions.

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