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Elisabeth Reynaud is releasing her third book dedicated to Celine Dion. In Céline Dion – icon and woman of heart, published by Larousse, this author takes an interest in the singer’s life down to the smallest detail. From her beginnings, to the beginnings of her love affair with René, the last days of it or even the way she has taken things in hand in recent years, everything is reviewed. She confides in You are described as Celine Dion’s biographer. Flattered ? (She wrote three books on the singer, editor’s note)
Elisabeth Reynaud: (Laughs.) Me, you know, I don’t take myself for his biographer. What I especially like is that it is a portrait, an American biography. It is even said that you were dubbed by René during his lifetime.
Elisabeth Reynaud: It’s true, it was an amazing moment. He told me that he found it amazing that I write about Celine and him. When you tell us about the couple formed by Celine Dion and René Angelil, one thing strikes us: how much poker was playing, so much so that they almost went their separate ways.
Elisabeth Reynaud: It was serious! He spent his entire nights playing poker in Las Vegas. It must be said that Las Vegas is a dream place. One day, Céline said stop: “I am not a widow, I have a husband, children. You must stop coming home tired in the early morning”. In 1994, there was a meeting that changed the star’s life, the one with Jean-Jacques Goldman. He’s one of the men in her life.
Elisabeth Reynaud: Oh yes. It’s an artistic love story, and she calls it that. He told of Céline and René’s love. Moreover, the first time they heard “So that you still love me”, they broke down in tears. In our eyes, we can see a turning point in Celine Dion’s life with Titanic and the song “My heart will go on”. She would still be “perplexed” by the success of the title.
Elisabeth Reynaud: René had instinct, and succeeded in imposing on Céline what she did not want. In the studio, she was doing big ‘I’ll cut your throat if you make me sing this’ gestures. And finally, it was a global success. Then in the early 2000s, she realized a dream, to become a mother. She seems particularly close to René Charles.
Elisabeth Reynaud: This is one of Céline’s great conquests. She is a woman who fought to have children while doing IVF. When she had René-Charles, she fell stiff with happiness. Then she had, later, Eddy and Nelson. We have long talked about the freezing of René’s sperm or a desire for adoption.
Elisabeth Reynaud: It’s a recurring desire with her, but now she’s past the age. It has been mentioned several times that she adopts a little girl since she has three boys. But I speak on tiptoe since it is an intimate subject. To come back to René, you note some very intimate details about the last days of his life, such as the fact that he had become deaf from the chemo drugs to treat his throat cancer.
Elisabeth Reynaud: He was puffy, no longer had a tongue, he could no longer eat, was blind and deaf and Celine was feeding him by tube. Celine was going on stage in glitter and the next hour she was feeding René by tube while he was dying and it went on for months. “René had dictated everything to Céline for the funeral”, you indicate. How to do the show and go home to take care of her dying husband. We imagine a Céline on the line.
Elisabeth Reynaud: René said to himself that he would be Céline’s manager until the end, until he organized his own funeral. He thought of everything, and even for Celine’s career, since he advised her on which manager to take on her death. Eventually Celine decided she was the boss. Between the death of René in 2016, then that of her mother, Celine Dion has experienced very complicated recent years and appeared metamorphosed, thinner than ever.
Elisabeth Reynaud: She had trials: the death of René and the death of her mother, Thérèse, at the age of 96. She was his tutor. It’s true that Céline went through successive trials and it was too strong a hurricane for her. She spent months in pain. She no longer ate but danced a lot to forget, to fill her sorrow. Celine Dion, today, is she a woman who has evolved or is she a woman who is in the midst of a rebirth?
Elisabeth Reynaud: It has always evolved. The rebirth, we will notice it after the pandemic. It must be said that this Covid is blessed bread for her because she was able to take advantage of this compulsory break to spend time with her children and manage the deaths of her husband and mother. In a previous interview, you specified that there remained a gray area: “her love and sex life”.
Elisabeth Reynaud: That’s what she wanted. She never gave details, except that “René is the man of my life”. We never knew if she had fallen in love, bloody pains, affairs with women or with other men. We do not know ! Do you think she could fall in love with a woman?
Elisabeth Reynaud: She still has a certain virility in her, a certain masculinity in her. Yes, she could strike a balance between a love for a man or a love for a woman, but here I am doing romance. We also tell ourselves that it is torn between France and the international. Does she prefer France?
Elisabeth Reynaud: She prefers her beloved Quebec, that of her family, her childhood, her mother. His big challenge was to conquer the United States, then the world. She wanted to be an international star. We are talking about the United States, however, his records are sold less and less in this territory …
Elisabeth Reynaud: It’s true that she never had a great rating in the United States even if she received all the trophies possible and that she sang with the greatest. She’s never really hooked up with America, but she can’t cry because she has the whole world at her feet.

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