So far only a few Chinese rowers have qualified for the Tokyo Games, which makes the event extremely important for rowers from the Asian continent.

Published: May 05, 2021 11:21 PM |

Last updated: May 5th, 2021 11:21 PM

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CHENNAI: All races planned on the first day of the World Rowing Asia Oceania Continental Olympic and Paralympic Qualifying Regatta in Tokyo were canceled on Wednesday due to bad weather. They have now been postponed for Thursday.

However, the weather forecast also predicts rain on Friday, the day the semi-finals and finals are scheduled. This could ruin the Indian rowers’ chances of qualifying for the Tokyo Games.

“The races were canceled due to extremely unsettled weather,” said Rajlaxmi Singh Deo, President of the Indian Rowing Association, daily.

Indian Rowers should fight for singles and doubles in the heats on Wednesday.

Jakar Khan, who is expected to make the Olympic cut, and Khushpreet Kaur should compete in individual bouts in the men and women categories.

Arjun Jat and Arvind Singh were supposed to compete in the men’s doubles, while Vindhya Sankat and Rukmani Dangi were named after the women’s doubles.

“I’m very concerned because we encountered choppy weather every day . Training has also been delayed every day. There are only two days left in the competition, so hopefully it will continue tomorrow (Thursday). Otherwise we will get into big trouble, “said the RFI President.

She went on:” Tomorrow (Thursday) the heats will be organized, while the semi-finals and finals will take place on Friday. The weather forecast shows a lot of rain on Friday. We still have 48 hours and hopefully everything will be cleared up. “

So far only a few Chinese rowers have qualified for the Tokyo Games, which makes the event extremely important for rowers from the Asian continent.

If the races do not take place due to bad weather, it will be a major setback mean for rowers from the continent. “I don’t know about automatic qualification. Let’s hope there are races,” said Deo.

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