Anne-Marie Gaultier, marketing and communication director of Intermarché and Anne Saintemarie, member in charge of marketing and communication, tell about the last “big” film “A place to live”. Since “Love, Love” in 2017 (awarded in particular by the fifth star of the Golden Hits of CB News and by the Grand Prix Effie in 2018), films are expected. A kind of emotional comeback. Obviously uneven. With “basic” ingredients: a French song, seasonal vegetables, and good people. In the kitchen, still the Romance agency and Katia Lewkowicz (Grand Bazar production). It is the song “A place to live” by William Sheller which accompanies this return in 3 minutes and ten. always with Katia Lewkowicz in the direction. “The fight for“ Better Eating ”, initiated in 2017, has not changed. Because if Intermarché, as producers and traders, does everything to help the French eat better every day, meals take on all their flavor when you share them with those you love. This is also “Better Eating” for Intermarché, it is helping people cook for those they love, “they say together. A message that arrives at the” right time. Because it’s back to school, of course. But also and above all because this return to school follows such a special period. A period when we missed moments of conviviality and sharing so much. “The creative axis chosen by the agency” was obvious to Intermarché and Romance. We are emerging from a communication sequence rooted in the health crisis, where we have supported agricultural sectors in difficulty, local commerce, and finally with the film “Until my last breath” we paid tribute to caregivers. This film revives a positive emotion. The agency knew that this story would resonate especially in the hearts of French people these days, after a period in which many people have focused more on the essentials, on what really matters. A period that made the bustling life of big cities less attractive, too. A period that has led many to reconsider the best “place to live” that William Sheller sings so well. In addition, with a store every 17 km, Intermarché is the most legitimate brand to talk about this better rural lifestyle “continue Anne Saintemarie and Anne-Marie Gaultier.

By embracing the fight for “Better Eating” and maintaining emotional tension for four years, Intermarché has recorded 37 consecutive periods of growth in its market share out of 40. Beyond business performance, the brand has gained 6.7 points of consideration in 2017, which has never wavered. In 2021, the brand increased from 22.4% to 29.1% (source: Yougov). Finally, between 2017 and 2020, the quality image of Intermarché gained 2.6 points, going from 36.5% to 39.1%, making it one of the brands that is making the most progress on this indicator ( source: Prometheus, at CAM P3 2020).

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