On Instagram, the thread of posts has until then been overseen by algorithms. But the boss of the social network has just revealed that the timeline is going to make a comeback. Two other display options will also be available. We take stock.

Instagram’s timeline is history long ago. Much to the chagrin of users who wish they could browse new posts in the order in which they appear. Currently, algorithms select the content displayed on the home page. The aim is to highlight the posts that are most likely to interest users in order to keep them on the application for as long as possible. And to be able to highlight as many advertisements as possible.

In 2020, we learned that Instagram was plunging into a chronological feed back. Return which is finally about to impose itself on the social network, as confirmed by Adam Mosseri, the boss of Instagram. In a Twitter post, he announced that tests to change the layout of the timeline had started. “We are starting to test the possibility of switching between three different views on your home screen,” he said.

Three options will be offered to Internet users. Entitled “Home”, the first will be the one currently rife on the social network, namely algorithmic selection. But it will eventually be possible to switch to two other organizations. In this case, the “Favorites” option will allow you to select your favorite accounts in order to exclusively see their new posts.

Finally, it will be possible to opt for the “Following” option. This is the chronological display of the home page that users insist upon. As a reminder, this gives you access to all the new photos and videos from your subscriptions in the order of their publication date. It remains to be seen whether the display choice will be kept by default (as on Twitter) or whether it will have to be configured each time when logging in again.

These changes should be approved during the first half of 2022. Each user will therefore soon be able to easily customize their home page. This could, in particular, help remove adolescents from the harmful effects of Instagram’s algorithm accused of facilitating access to drugs.

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