Two regions (Corsica and PACA) announced on August 3 the triggering of the “white plan” in hospitals, due to the resurgence of the coronavirus epidemic. What does this “white plan” consist of?

After Corsica, the “white plan” will also be activated in hospitals in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur to allow healthcare establishments to cope with a significant increase in hospitalizations, announced the Regional Health Agency on Tuesday evening. Concretely, what does that mean?

The “white plan” formalizes the organization of a hospital establishment in the event of an exceptional crisis. Its main objectives are to quickly reconfigure the hospital towards the sole care of a large number of victims while preserving the quality of care for patients already hospitalized.

When it is triggered, a crisis unit is opened within the hospital concerned. It ensures the proper application of the planned procedures. The general public is informed.

Planned surgical activities are postponed, early patient discharges are organized and the premises are mobilized: reconfiguration of the emergency department and other services in order to increase reception capacities. The staff present is mobilized, the absent staff are called back.

Depending on the risk (s) identified, five different care pathways are planned, the ORSAN plans for organizing the response of the health system in exceptional health situations.

ORSAN EPI-VAC is used during an epidemic or pandemic (and, if it is necessary to organize a vaccination campaign).

ORSAN NRC is the organizational plan to follow in the event of a nuclear, radiological or chemical risk.

In the “white plan”, the establishment has also planned a specific reception of the families of the victims who are hospitalized (psychological unit, regrouping of families in a specific wing, etc.).

In the event of a serious crisis, as we know, public information is essential. The health establishment then provides for a reception of journalists in a press room provided for this purpose, communicates regularly with the health authorities, can organize press conferences, etc.

Once the crisis is over, the “white plan” can be lifted. The establishment publishes a report on feedback in order to further improve its procedures.