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By Guillaume ROBERT
Monday, September 20, 2021 – The stuff of the pros

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The INEOS Grenadier team was the last to miss the disc brake milestone, although Pinarello, official team partner, is offering their latest Dogma F with this technology.

This choice seemed to echo the search for marginal gains, especially to gain a few grams. A team that was often put forward by those resistant to disc brakes.

The team have announced that they will now use Pinarello Dogma F with disc brakes on the next races, after discussing it with the riders, Pinarello but also Shimano. This should make some noise in the Landerneau! Some will say to themselves FINALLY, others will swear that the team gave in to the pressure from Shimano …

Should this be seen as a consequence of the improved braking system on the latest Shimano Dura-Ace R9200 12-speed groupset, which increased the space between discs and pads by 10%?

Quite possible. Perhaps the runners also saw it as a way to have the same braking as their opponents, as in difficult conditions in the rain and / or downhill passes. In any case, if the team definitely gives up on skate brakes this end of the season and next year, a page is really turning within the professional peloton and in road cycling.

Pinarello is constantly working to keep our bike at the front of the pack and their commitment to providing us with the best equipment has been evident throughout this project. The feedback from the runners was also encouraging.

I have been convinced of the disc brakes since I started using them myself and I am happy that the team is using them in the latter part of this season. INEOS Grenadier riders constantly strive for excellence in everything they do and we are thrilled with the DOGMA F Disc that we have developed with the team.

To see if this test on the end of season races (in particular Paris-Roubaix) will be transformed for the year 2022. For the moment, nothing says in the communication of the INEOS Grenadier team that this choice is final and valid for next season.

But in my opinion, it’s a safe bet that if the team wants to stay “on top” in terms of equipment, the adoption of disc brakes will not pass, since wheel manufacturers mainly develop new disc wheels. This will perhaps prevent them from having to juggle wheel models to try to find the best models with skates, as we saw at the Tour de France.

Another point to take into account, the new group Dura-Ace has mainly relied on the disc version. If a pad version has been kept, the calipers have not evolved from the R9100 generation and the R9200 levers for pad brakes are not available in a wireless version, which adds a little weight. The balance may therefore be in favor of the disc group.

to make noise in Landerneau? allusion to the festival of: noise festival in Landerneau (29 Finistère)

I hate disc brakes so much that I have personal …. even in the rain I was fine with my classic brakes … damn guys seriously.

Think of those professional runners who were forced to give up: the frames with brazed fittings, the ultra low aluminum wheels, the shifters to the frame, the spring saddles, the woolen jerseys … and now we have to switch to the disc … what cruelty, progress!

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