A vaccine shortage and contested decisions are slowing the vaccination campaign launched in India four months ago, despite 200 million doses already administered.

Obtained at the end of an obstacle course, the certificate of vaccination against covid is like a trophy. Bearing the reassuring face of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, this piece of paper with a QR code is in the hands of only 3.4% Indians, out of a population of 1.3 billion. Yet more than 200 million doses were administered in four months, placing India second in the world in terms of immunization rate. But the current rate, slowed down by a shortage of vaccines, is considered too slow to immunize Indians: it would imply that it would take “another three years, until May 2024” to inoculate the population, according to Rahul Gandhi, leader from the main opposition party, which strongly criticizes the government’s vaccine policy.

Minister Glatigny is working to correct the perverse effects of the Landscape decree. The FEF polled its audience on the subject. The students reject part of the project but appreciate that we impose global guidelines on them.

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