Encrusted with violent incidents on August 22, on the grounds of the Allianz Riviera, the OGC Nice – Olympique de Marseille match had not come to an end. The disciplinary committee of the Professional Football League meets this Wednesday in Paris to decide the fate of the meeting and sanction the perpetrators of the disturbances. Explanations.

A sad meeting and a pitiful spectacle. The OGC Nice – OM meeting on August 22 is a far cry from some fine play and deserves a red card. That evening, in the 75th minute, the Nice club leads 1 to 0.

Ready for a corner kick, OM player Dimitri Payet, a victim of throwing plastic bottles, sent two of the projectiles back to the Nice supporters’ stand. The situation gets out of hand in seconds. Spectators invade the field, violence ensues. The match is stopped by the referee. It will not resume, the Marseillais refusing to return to the lawn in these circumstances, while the prefecture had given its approval to a continuation of the game.

It is finally the Disciplinary Commission of the LFP which should give the final whistle this Wednesday. In total, twenty-two people are summoned to appear before the disciplinary body.

In the aftermath of this chaotic match, the Disciplinary Commission had already decided on a closed session, as a precaution, for the reception of Bordeaux on August 28 at the Allianz Riviera and pronounced the suspension of OM’s physical trainer, Pablo. Fernandez, who physically attacked a Nice supporter.

But other issues remain to be resolved, and in particular with regard to the (final) score of the match.

Big unknown: should we reset the counters to zero and replay the game in full? A bad alternative according to some, who see it as “a case law in which the clubs could rush into”, comments L’Equipe.

At the time of the interruption, OGCN leads (1-0) and OM is about to lose. Favoring this scenario would be an open door to other challenges in the future to solicit a new match.

Is it possible to restart the match from the 75th minute of play, to complete the last quarter of an hour? According to the sports daily, the solution does not seem to be considered.

The Disciplinary Commission may consider ruling in favor of a solution consisting of not replaying the match and not awarding a point. It would thus be a question of sanctioning both the Nice club, in the incapacity to ensure the security in the stadium (throwing of projectiles, intervention on the lawn of supporters, aggression of OM players, Nazi salute … .) and his rival Marseille, who refused to continue the match.

When convening before the Disciplinary Commission of the League, the two clubs in charge will have to explain not only the behavior of the supporters, but also those of players, managers and management.


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