EXHIBITION – Despite the absence of the great masterpieces, the magnificent exhibition at the Jacquemart-Andrà © Museum highlights its role as an entrepreneur and of trainer in Florence of the Medici.

Le Figaro hors-series devotes a number to the “most personal painter of the Quattrocento” (Andrà © Chastel): discover the itinerary of the artist prodigy in nine days © es! “Botticelli, all the beauty of the world”, 164 p., 12.90 â ?? ¬, on newsstands and on www.figarostore.fr/hors-serie

Installed in the second of the eight rooms of the Botticelli exhibition, at the Parisian museum Jacquemart-Andrà ©, a painted wooden panel depicts Pà ¢ ris when this fatal Trojan prince hands over an apple. ? gold to Aphrodite. The goddess was judged by him more attractive than Hera and Athena, other candidates for what could be described as the first Miss Universe pageant of all time.

Here is well, on the basis of the ancient myth, a revolution: one represents a mortal granting himself the power to say the beautiful. This privilege was until then reserved for the gods. Thus, since the Renaissance, for their happiness as for their misfortune, it is men who define the taste. TO?? start of course with the most powerful as well as the artists

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