Sacred hustle and bustle last Thursday in the usually quiet village of Plan-de-la-Tour in the Var. Gendarmes from Gassin carried out a search in a cabinet in the city center. They were investigating to determine if the doctor in question had defrauded the health pass.

At the beginning of October, the mayor of the town, Anne-Marie Waniart, wrote to the council of the departmental order of physicians to report “a malfunction in the use of public roads in front of the cabinet, with several dozen people sitting” .

The success of the coronavirus vaccination in this village, with some patients coming from afar, then raised suspicion. Large vaccination centers existed in the area, such as in Grimaud.

“We do not know more at this stage, the investigation is underway”, explains Jean-Luc Le Gall, the president of the order of doctors of the department. The investigation is in effect, and the doctor will also be presented today to an investigating judge informs us Patrick Camberou, prosecutor of the Republic of Draguignan.

The increase in the patient base of this doctor during the health crisis first alerted the Regional Health Agency and the town hall of Plan-de-la-Tour. It was quickly realized then that the doses of vaccine actually injected were lower than those declared.

The woman suspected of fraud, tax evasion and endangering the life of others may have injected fake vaccines for financial gain on reimbursements.

“Some patients thought they had received the vaccine against Covid-19 before finding that they had no antibodies. We would therefore not be solely on an antivax case”, explains the magistrate.

Because health pass fraud is common among anti-vaccines. “Some colleagues may have been victims of hacking of their e-CPS, their digital health professional card which allows the administration to report the vaccination of a patient,” says Dr. Le Gall. “While others see some of their patients trying to cash in on fake health passes.”

In France, thousands of fake QR codes are circulating, with increasing traffic and accumulating legal cases.

The law provides that the use, procuration or sale of fake health passes, in particular via social networks, is punishable by 5 years in prison and up to € 75,000 in fines.