Since Sunday, December 26, the Bouches-du-Rhône firefighters have been fighting a fire in a sorting center in Saint-Chamas. Two metal structures filled with waste were hit. 24 hours after the start of the intervention, the firefighters remain on site.

The men in red are fighting an industrial type fire at the waste collection center of the Delta Recyclage company. Heavy smoke was released from the buildings, located 200 meters from the recycling center.

The intervention continued all night and continues this Monday morning. About twenty firefighters, helped by 12 devices, are still on site.

The fire affected two metal structures, each measuring 1,000 m2, containing various waste. The inventory is still in progress: there could be household appliances, such as washing machines, or plastics.

“To avoid soil pollution, we agreed to limit the watering of the fire”, explains Didier Khelfa, mayor of Saint-Chamas.

Facing the blaze and to intervene in complete safety, the firefighters use two robots and drones.

“The company” Recyclage Concept 13 “which occupies the place was put on formal notice, explains Didier Khelfa, mayor of Saint-Chamas. Among other things, it had to reduce the volume of waste to 1000 m3 and bring it up to standards to avoid the risk of fire” .

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