Jean-Paul Belmondo saw his first great romance with Elodie Constantin. Tracing his career for his 80th birthday in 2013, the comedian remembers the life-changing encounter of 1953, when he proved himself in the theater after befriending “the Conservatory gang”. “Latin Quarter, I meet a beautiful girl, Elodie, who is a professional dancer in the cellars of Saint-Germain-des-Prés where Claude Luter and his musicians play. A beautiful story begins”, remembers the sacred monster with Paris Match .

In 1954, Elodie Constantin and Jean-Paul Belmondo became parents of a daughter named Patricia. Five years later, in January 1959, the couple married in Paris. The actor’s film career was about to explode with Breathless by Jean-Luc Godard. The film was released in 1960, the birth year of their second daughter, Florence. Paul came to enlarge the clan in 1963. At the same time, the actor played the leading roles: Léon Morin, priest, Cartouche, Le Doulos, L’Homme de Rio or even The Tribulations of a Chinese in China… On the filming of the latter , “Bébel” falls under the spell of Ursula Andress. Their meeting will disrupt this family balance and lead to a sometimes heated relationship, as he said in an interview with Europe 1 in 2016.

In love with Ursula Andress, Jean-Paul Belmondo filed for divorce from Élodie Constantin in 1965. “I am not abandoning my children. I am not losing interest in my family. I am ready to ensure its material future, but without love. Ursula, I would be totally incapable of it, “said the actor in an interview quoted by Closer. Paul Belmondo later told Gala magazine that his love affair with the James Bond star against Dr. No was “one too many affair” for his mother. “The one who may have suffered the most is Patricia. Once my mother was divorced, we went to live in England with her and when I came back to France to see dad, he did not welcome me in the presence of Ursula, “he explains.

Visiting Europe 1 in 2016 to promote his memoir entitled A Thousand Lives Are Better Than One, Jean-Paul Belmondo delivers a few confidences about his relationship with Ursula Andress. One evening, while trying to get home particularly tipsy, the actor discovers that all the doors are closed. “I got home, it was very late. I decided to take the ladder to go up through the window. I was going to knock when the window opened. It was Ursula screaming: ‘You haven’t. shame ?’ She then swung the ladder and me with it. I was going to smash the windows to get in but she threw a lead ball at me. I said ‘let’s stop’ “, says the sacred monster. For “Bébel”, the stunts were not just cinema. Shortly after, the two actors manage to mend. “We were reconciled! It was very good!”, He concludes.

After seven years of love, marked in particular by the construction of a villa, Ursula Andress and Jean-Paul Belmondo separated in 1971. Years later, the actress said she has fond memories of this romance. “He is unique in the world. We loved each other madly. I was with him day and night, for his desires, for his follies. We were totally to each other. The only thing I did not I put up with more, it’s boxing, ”says the star, quoted by Closer. Always in contact with “Bébel”, the actress adds: “I write to her from time to time. One day, we will meet”. The reunion took place in 2014, for the needs of the documentary Belmondo by Belmondo. For its part, “the Magnificent” sums up their story with the following words, in the columns of Paris Match in 2013, on the occasion of his 80th birthday: “A beautiful story with a very beautiful and very jealous tigress!”

On the set of The Bride and Groom for Year II in Rome, Jean-Paul Belmondo and Laura Antonelli fall in love with each other. The two actors are then a couple. “Bébel” separates from Ursula Andress, while the Italian actress leaves her antique dealer husband. The couple moved to Paris, and lived for eight years “an affair without children, without marriage, without a common roof, but loaded with storm”, according to L’Express. Interviewed by Paris Match in 2013, the sacred monster admits having been “unbearable” during their relationship. On screen, they find themselves in the comedy-drama Doctor Popaul by Claude Chabrol, released in 1972.

After breaking up with Jean-Paul Belmondo in 1979, Laura Antonelli’s career fell apart. Marked by alcohol, drugs and cosmetic surgery operations that have ruined her, the actress turns her back on film sets and ends her isolated life, recluse in her two-room apartment in Ladispoli, 40 kilometers from Rome. On June 22, 2015, the actress’s lifeless body was found in her social housing. At 73, she had just succumbed to a heart attack. “It is with deep sadness that I have just learned of the death of Laura Antonelli who was for me an adorable companion, a partner of great quality. I only want to keep these wonderful memories of her”, declares “Bébel” after the announcement of his death.

Jean-Paul Belmondo and Carlos Sotto Mayor get closer on the set of Marginal, which comes out in 1983. They then meet on the comedy Happy Easter and the thriller Le Solitaire. In his autobiography A Thousand Lives Are Better Than One, the actor says their romance, which lasts six years, has been “spicy and festive.” The actor finds in the Brazilian model similarities with his “former love, Ursula Andress”, starting with their jealousy …

In his memoirs, “Bébel” explains that one of Carlos Sotto Mayor’s character traits would have precipitated their breakup: “A jealous temperament to the point of extravagance that I put down to the customs of South America where women rightly monitor their man with the attention of an air traffic controller on the ammunition of an American military plane, “he explains. A flaw that the main interested party recognizes during a passage in the program Touche pas à mon poste in March 2020, cited by Gala. “I watched closely,” she humorously assures us of the actor’s somewhat fickle demeanor.

Despite their breakup, Carlos Sotto Mayor and Jean-Paul Belmondo have remained accomplices over the years. In July 2020, Nice Matin revealed that the two exes composed their perfume together at the Studio fragrances Galimard de Grasse, called Marginal. A name in homage to the film of their romantic encounter, of which the ex-model retains a salty memory. “The image I have left of this shoot is a scene where I received a slap, and forgetting that I was at the cinema, I got up and I returned it! Too bad, they don’t. have not kept, she explains, before continuing with tenderness. With Jean-Paul, it’s a great story, and it’s so moving to find ourselves like this, forty years later … “

It was at Roland-Garros that Jean-Paul Belmondo met Natty Tardivel for the first time, one of the great loves of his life, in 1989. Their rapprochement, the 56-year-old actor and the 24-year-old Coco-girl le owe their dogs. Coming with her Yorkie Maya, “Bébel” almost sits on the dancer’s. A giggle, then an apology, followed by a discussion … In 1994, “the Magnificent” saw one of the tragedies of his life. At only 40 years old, his daughter Patricia perishes in a fire in her Parisian apartment. A terrible ordeal during which the actor can count on the full support of his partner. “Nothing is more trying than losing a child. You have to face it, otherwise you will collapse,” he told Paris Match in 2013.

On August 8, 2001, while enjoying a vacation in Corsica, Jean-Paul Belmondo suffered a stroke. The sacred monster is rushed by helicopter to Bastia hospital. Suffering from facial paralysis that prevents him from expressing himself, the then 68-year-old actor begins a lengthy rehabilitation. “I thought I had to get out of it and that I could do it as long as I wanted to, again, as they had always taught me. Being athletic has helped me a lot. woke up jabbering. It took me two years to be able to speak again when the doctor had told me that I would never speak again. I got there “, he confides in an interview with Le Figaro, cited by Gala. During this event, “Bebel” can again count on the presence of Natty Tardivel. On December 29, 2002, the couple said “yes” to the town hall of the sixth arrondissement of Paris. Claude Lelouch, Jean-Pierre Marielle, Michel Drucker, Jean-Claude Brialy and Jean Rochefort are among the guests. The latter declares, quoted by La Dépêche: “The ceremony was funny and moving. We saw a happy man. For months, all his friends have noticed Natty’s exemplary dedication. Today, it’s a long affair. and a love that is regularized “.

On August 13, 2003, little Stella was born from the love between Jean-Paul Belmondo and Natty Tardivel. Five years later, the couple divorced. During his interview with Paris Match in 2013 for his 80th birthday, “Bébel” looks back on his “twenty years of living together” with his ex-partner. The actor is full of praise for the mother of his youngest child. “Natty gave me the greatest gift a man could receive from a woman: a little girl like Stella. If life has separated us, I will never forget her presence and her constant help with me after my stroke, ”he explains.

In 2008, Jean-Paul Belmondo began an affair with Barbara Gandolfi. Members of her entourage suspect the then 33-year-old young woman of being in a relationship with the 75-year-old actor out of interest, especially since she says “not to be in love” at VSD in 2012. The same year , the couple separates. Accused of extracting 200,000 euros in 2009 from the actor, the ex-playmate was initially sentenced to a nine-month suspended prison sentence, accompanied by a fine of 5,500 euros. She was eventually acquitted after appealing. When Paris Match asks Le Magnifique in 2013 if “the Barbara episode is definitely over”, he replies: “Barbara? Ah yes, Barbara. We had a somewhat sulphurous adventure. However, she was able to give me back a certain youth. Today ‘hui, the door closed slowly on our history “.

Asked about his romantic relationships in 2013 by Paris Match, Jean-Paul Belmondo declares: “I have always been fascinated by women. Tell you that I have understood them, certainly not. We live on two different planets. But I have shared with those I loved superb and unforgettable moments “. The actor’s “last great love” will remain “[his] daughter Stella”.

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