A few hours after the speech by the Minister of Health, several officials of the ARS Pays-de-la-Loire returned to the situation linked to the coronavirus in the region. And the incidence rate is not declining. On the contrary.

It is traditional Thursday late afternoon. The officials of the Regional Health Agency in Pays-de-la-Loire face the press, the results of the coronavirus epidemic. And the meeting of this Thursday, November 25 was expected since it took place a few hours after the speech by the Minister of Health, in a context of progression of the virus.

The Pays-de-la-Loire is no exception with an incidence rate, understand the number of positive cases per 100,000 inhabitants, 203 per 100,000. It is 212 nationally. In Loire-Atlantique, we go from 130 to 204 in one week. From 124 to 207 in Vendée. “The Delta variant has the same contagiousness as chickenpox,” insisted the officials of the ARS advancing the figure of 16,000 contaminations per day nationally. “We are facing an intense fifth wave”, according to the director general of ARS Pays-de-la-Loire, Jean-Jacques Coiplet.

Regarding hospitalizations, it is also on the rise, with 384 people in the wards for the region, 43 more than last week. In the intensive care units, we go from 15 to 16 people in Loire-Atlantique in one week. From 10 to 14 in Vendée. In the region, the number of Covid cases represents 40% of intensive care beds when the alert threshold is set at 60%.

The booster dose against the coronavirus, now open to 18-65 year olds from this Saturday and no longer to over 65s, represents 2.4 million people to be vaccinated by the end of January in Pays-de-la-Loire according to the ARS.

Obviously, pharmacists, so-called city doctors and nurses will have a role to play when the ARS also relies on communities to expand the hours of existing centers, or even reopen some that had closed. In Nantes, La Roche-sur-Yon or even Les Sables-d’Olonne, for example, enlargements were made during the day. In La Baule and Pontchâteau, the imminent reopening of the centers has been announced.

There are 41 clusters this week in Pays-de-la-Loire, against 28 last week. Loire-Atlantique is the department most affected with 15 clusters. The difference with a few weeks ago is that it is not necessarily only elderly audiences, but all age groups: thus, there are 7 in companies in Loire-Atlantique, for example. A town hall is concerned “in the south of the Nantes area” dixit the ARS, which did not specify the name of the town.

Regarding closed classes, there are 426 in the whole region, including 126 in Loire-Atlantique and 73 in Vendée. Next week, the protocol will change: there will no longer be class closures in primary schools from the first case of Covid. “As of next week, when a student tests positive, all students in the class are tested in turn and only comrades who test positive stay at home, “said the Minister of National Education.

The case of Christmas markets was raised with the idea of ​​grouping food chalets together and separating them from non-food ones. Communities will have to reorganize. As for the compulsory health pass for these Christmas food markets, the regional prefect said this Thursday evening to wait for the government decree, supposed to be published this Friday.

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