His swollen little face, right eye closed and swollen, has been agitating social media since Monday evening, generating torrents of ulcerated comments. The baby, a 2-year-old boy, was injured by a thrown bag when his mother was assaulted by a drug addict, Passage Goix, in the 19th arrondissement. Examined at Robert-Debré Hospital, she is recovering from her injuries.

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On Wednesday June 16, the mother takes her son for a walk in a stroller, when a woman, obviously in the grip of crack cocaine, takes her to task. The scene takes place in the immediate vicinity of the Eole gardens, which have been taken over daily by hundreds of drug addicts since May, until 1 a.m., in an explosive atmosphere.

Anne Hidalgo, the mayor (PS) of Paris, has made several commitments: the park will be returned to residents by July 1 at the latest. The residents, who organize a demonstration every Wednesday, under police protection, count the days. And among drug addicts, who are fast approaching the deadline, the tension is palpable.

It is in this context that the mother and her son were allegedly assaulted: “The drug addict violently attacked them by accusing the residents of wanting to hunt the Eole crackers”, details a neighbor of the family. CCTV footage shows the very restless woman walking around spinning a bag, which slammed into the baby’s face.

Several passers-by tried to hold her back, but she managed to escape. Finally arrested on Monday, after the parents lodged a complaint with the 19th arrondissement police station, she was referred to the Paris public prosecutor’s office, which found her irresponsible and was interned at the Sainte-Anne psychiatric hospital.

Followed to an establishment in Seine-et-Marne for bipolar disorder, she had apparently run away and joined Parc Eole to consume crack cocaine.

“It is these cases, the heaviest, in which psychiatric pathologies and crack consumption feed off each other, which create the most problems for residents,” said François Dagnaud, the mayor (PS) of the 19th district. There is an urgent need to act: these people must be taken care of in specialized establishments. Nothing is worse than leaving them on the streets. And Lesser Risk Consumption Rooms (SCMRs) couldn’t fix everything, even if they are useful in a chain of diverse solutions. “

A few days before the evacuation of the Eole gardens and after the assault on the baby, the tension is at its height in the neighborhood: “People can no longer take it and drug addicts are more and more nervous. worries a local resident. I know women who take the precaution of always having money with them to give to the crackers: they know that to refuse a coin is to put yourself in danger. “

Now we have to break the deadlock. And to solve a very complicated equation: return the park to the inhabitants, while managing to integrate drug addicts into an adapted medico-social system. And in a place that remains to be defined. The Ordener-Poissonniers (18th) and Bercy-Charenton (12th) wastelands are mentioned with insistence, without the Town confirming.

This Wednesday, Anne Hidalgo is due to meet Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin once again on the subject. Next Friday, it will bring together for the third time the mayors of the North-East of Paris and the actors of risk reduction, in particular. A solution should be found.

Ref: https://www.leparisien.fr