The 214th Fêtes de la Saint Fiacre begin this Friday in Orléans. Canceled last year due to a health crisis, they are taking place this year. But with the obligation to present a sanitary pass to admire the floral arrangements in the Saint Marceau church.

The Fêtes de la Saint Fiacre are an institution in Orléans, they take place every year at the end of summer, south of the Loire in the St Marceau district. This festival of market gardeners, nurserymen and florists has existed since 1806! The event was canceled last year due to the Covid epidemic. This year it takes place and will last four days, from August 27 to 30.

This 214 th edition is provided with the usual precautions linked to the health situation: wearing a mask is compulsory around and inside the Saint Marceau church. And all those who want to discover the floral achievements of the volunteers of the Brotherhood of Saint Fiacre, will have to present their sanitary pass at the entrance.

“We have no other choice” explains Jean-Marie Hémeray, the president who is not too worried about the organization and management of the flow of visitors. “We have the advantage of having a fairly large church square, we will put barriers and directions of movement inside the church, to facilitate the passage of visitors. Our volunteers are mobilized for controls and it will be fine “.

Beside him Father Laurent, one of the priests of the parish, said the same thing. “The whole team will protect the people who will come, with the measures that are legal. We are on what is asked of us, an opening in the protection of each one. I think that the people who will come, will pay attention to each other , because solidarity is also that “.

These Saint Fiacre 2021 celebrations take place on the theme “The 20s. Year” pink. The rose is as always in the spotlight but also with very many dahlias, daisy queens, carnations, all cut flowers – there are has 60,000 – were cultivated in Saint Cyr en Val. In addition, a thousand plants in pots.

The event could not take place without the mobilization of volunteers from the Corporation Saint Fiacre, whether market gardeners, former florists, nurserymen or simple plant lovers. They were about fifty, hard at work this week.

Among them Ghislaine “this is my 7th St Fiacre, before I took a week’s leave to be able to come, now it’s easier” recognizes this sixty-year-old, she said delighted, given the current context “to give a little bit of happiness”.

It’s a breath of fresh air for us and a good air bubble for the people who will come

Catherine, she adds, “nature is beautiful, with the covid people have discovered their gardens and there they are going to see what we can do, I hope we will make them happy”.

The Saint Fiacre therefore starts this Friday and will last until Monday, August 30 inclusive. To visit the fully decorated St Marceau church, remember that the health pass will be required. But not for the rest, in particular the flower producers’ market which will take place on Sunday, all day long, in rue St Marceau and on Place Domrémy, where wearing a mask is compulsory.

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