This Tuesday, November 30, a press conference was held to “take stock of the situation and the arrangements that will be implemented” in Nice. With in sight, the date of reopening of the Liautaud tunnel, closed since Tuesday, November 30, due to an accident.

The date remains undetermined … This Tuesday, November 30, Gaël Nofri, deputy mayor of Nice delegate for Traffic, held a press conference to take stock of the situation and to mention in particular, the closure of the Liautaud tunnel, since Tuesday morning .

He said the Liautaud tunnel will not reopen tonight and will likely remain closed for the next few days. “Studies are underway,” he explained. It will therefore be necessary to be patient for a while longer.

The Liautaud tunnel at # Nice06 will not reopen tonight and will undoubtedly remain closed for the next few days. Studies are underway, explains @GaelNofri assistant traffic. #Liautaud

The traffic on the Quai des Etats-Unis is thus reversed from this Tuesday, November 30, 4 p.m. in an attempt to streamline the traffic and 25 municipal police officers are mobilized on the crossroads. “It is more than problematic, it is a crisis situation,” said Christian Estrosi’s deputy.

On Monday, the fall of part of the fire protection system from the tunnel vault led to its closure. In fact, the Garibaldi-Barla section, affected by this incident, was closed to traffic on Monday morning for an indefinite period.

The city of Nice asked the project manager to come up with an action plan to very quickly determine the residual risk and the urgent measures to be taken in order to be able to reopen the tunnel safely. Throughout the night, an auscultation of the entire structure took place, to carry out all the required safety checks.

In view of this inspection, and for safety reasons, the Liautaud tunnel therefore remains closed … for the moment.


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