For the southerners supporters of Eric Zemmour, it was now or never the opportunity to make profitable their giant tarpaulin, produced and hung on the very frequent. quent Mirabeau course in Aix-en-Provence last April, while the almost candidate essayist was still only a controversy. This early Monday morning, his giant portrait flanked by the French flag briefly occupied a section of the wall overlooking the Old Port of Marseille, a way for the local Generation Z to “Teaser” his trip this Friday in the city. A few days earlier, Eric Zemmour was responsible himself, on Twitter, to plant his decor: “Trafficking, crime, immigration, insecurity” ??: Marseille is a concentrate of everything that kills us. I’ll be there on November 26th, to tell her how big she has been and can become so again. “

A whole program, which his troops have planned to run over twenty-four hours, with “ambulations” in the city center tourist option â € “ will it push to the Mucem, the museum of civilizations? To???? and instants-terroir, like a promising “Provençal rendezvous”. Above all, if the schedule can still be filled, no meeting format in sight. His troops had for a time considered booking the Palais des Congrès, but the imminent prospect of the large gathering at the Zà © nith in Paris would have made them change their minds, even if those around them imagine they are sorry. I have a public meeting rather in January or February. Unless the stalling of the Zemmour machine, illustrated by recent polls showing it to be stagnant or in sharp decline, has showered the enthusiasm of its supporters, while for days his candidacy has been sold as “imminent”.

Not sure, in this vague context, that the elected southerners jostle for the dinner to which the controversy invited them on Friday evening, where “entrepreneurs” are also announced. If the exhaustive list of boxes sent is not known, some guests have already and already publicly declined. This is the case in particular with Lionel Royer-Perreaut, LR mayor of the IXth and Xth arrondissements of Marseille â ???? which therefore has, by law, a sponsorship bulletin for the presidential, which has “not very well understood” the invitation email received u at the start of the week. “As far as my support for Valà © rie Pà © cresse is known, he emphasizes. This testifies to a certain amateurism. “

It must be said that the Zemmour staff shuffled broadly, going so far as to solicit Sophie Camard (Republican and Socialist Left). The mayor of the 1st and 7th arrondissements, member of the municipal majority of Printemps Marseille, even saw this baroque invitation as a “humiliation”, reports the Marseillaise: “How can you imagine any positive response from me for a dinner with Mr. Zemmourâ ????? This character who claims to represent France shames us every day, by his provocations to hatred, his misogyny and his historical falsifications. The people of our city need tolerance and justice, peace and respect. We don’t need your “French suicide”. ”

Who then, around the table? A priori not Stéphane Ravier either. Senator RN and Eric Zemmour had however listed their many common points in 2019, facing an audience of 600 convinced, on the occasion of a dialogue organized on the initiative. of the elected frontist for the release of a book by Zemmour. “Massive immigration”, “great gathering” â ?? ¦ The ideological proximity of the two men is such that the Marseille elected official had to finalize things last week, while rumors of rallying to the controversy swelled.

“My candidate, it is Marine Le Pen”, he hammered in the press. And to take care not to leave behind his party leader when he came to Marseille last Saturday. The latter took a greedy pleasure to evoke on this occasion her potential adversary on her right: “The brutality which emanates from the proposals of Eric Zemmour and his side Monothematic show that we have, as far as we are concerned, a complete project. So, it is true that in a mirror, somewhere he is doing us a service ”, she mocked during a visit to the santons market in the Old Port. , after a visit to the northern districts of the city. The opportunity, also, to meet the local activists of the RN, all the same a little disoriented by the prospect of a Zemmour candidacy.

For now, the southerners’ declared support for the controversy is mainly limited to the Gard and the Southern League of Jacques Bompard, the mayor of Orange, fan of the first re hour of the TV tribune, who had encouraged the formation of a pro-Zemmour list in the last regions â € “ without much success. But on the RN side, if officially all the elected officials are lined up behind the president, behind the scenes, the questions have been increasing in recent weeks. If the latest polls, where Marine Le Pen digs the gap with the controversy, have appeased the troops, “Zemmour can take points by announcing his candidacy, fears a seasoned activist. If this is the case, I do not see what story we are going to tell on the ground when his is all the same screwed up. ”The local elected officials of the RN still have the disappointment in mind regional, where their troops usually more mobilized than the others had shunned the ballot box, criticizing party officials for a speech too “normalized” for a region which, since s at the time of Le Pen father and thereafter with Marion Marà © chal-Le Pen, has always privileged the “hard line”.

Difficult, therefore, not to be won over by the nostalgia of the deliberately provocative speech of the almost candidate. Bernard Marandat, elected from Marseille from the RN and party history, detects it: “Fifteen years ago, we went to prison with two bullets in the head if we said this. what he says. Now we can say things and in the face, people argue instead of shooting! ”To give in to the sirens of the one who, for the moment, is only talking. ?? ¦ “Marine has a habit of getting upset. Him, I don’t know, notes the old man. Zemmour, I like him, I like what he says even more, but will he be able to withstand the punching bag ”As in Geneva ve this Wednesday, the anti-fascist movements have already and already planned to mobilize with the slogan: “Zemmour break up”! Marseille remains antifaâ ????! Â »