Hector CABELLO REYES ‘”In-laws” is broadcast for the first time in the clear tonight at 9:05 pm on M6. Possibility to watch the film in video streaming via 6Play and its direct function.

Coline and André are in perfect harmony with their daughter, Garance, and their son-in-law Harold. But Garance separates from Harold and orders his parents never to see him again. The in-laws can’t bring themselves to it: she dumped him, but they didn’t! They will have to lead a double life to continue to see their adored son-in-law, in hiding from their daughter, who will not let go …

– It was Bruno Bénabar who came up with the idea of ​​”Beaux-parents”. He had written a song on this subject: what happens when a couple separates and the in-laws take up their case for their son-in-law and not for their daughter? “Bruno was wondering if there was not a subject there… I immediately confirmed his impression by telling me that if we dissected it well, we found conflicts on all floors, that a hasty first glance does not allow maybe not to grasp. This is the kind of great idea that fits in one sentence but has it all! », Says Héctor Cabello Reyes, the director.

– We find Charlie Bruneau (Roxanne in “En famille”), who plays Garance, Harold’s fiancée (Bénabar). This is his first major role in the cinema. “Héctor didn’t know me, it was Alain Kappauf who told him about me. He saw what I was doing and from the moment he was interested, he gave me all his confidence … That’s blessed bread for a comedian! – Charlie Bruneau.

– Frédéric Bouraly, (José in “Scenes of households”), is also in the casting of the film and he is from Monday to Friday on M6 from 20.10 in the new unpublished season of “Scenes of households”, the most followed daily fiction

With in the main roles: Josiane Balasko, Didier Bourdon, Bruno Bénabar, Charlie Bruneau, Bruno Salomone, Frédéric Bouraly…

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