It was in 1981, when she was only 12 years old, that Celine Dion met René Angélil. She was only a slender teenager, the youngest of a family of 14, who entertained patrons at Vieux Baril, the paternal bar, by singing a wooden spoon in her hand. Realizing his talent, his older brother Michel decides to send a recording of his little sister to the producer. At 38, Angélil was then at the bottom of the wave. The last singer whose interests he managed has fled, and he is seriously considering a retraining. A hypothesis that vanishes when he hears Celine’s voice: after nine minutes of listening to “It Was Only a Dream”, he literally comes to a stop at this “gift from God.” “I was astonished, overwhelmed, I did not believe that she was twelve years old”, he will admit decades later on Europe 1. He understands then that he has in front of him an artist in the making out of the world. common, and decides to bet everything on her, going so far as to mortgage her house to produce her first album, La Voix du bon Dieu. The beginning of a fruitful collaboration, which will turn, years later, into passionate love.

When Celine Dion first walked into her pygmalion’s office, she was not a pretty wildflower. Crooked teeth, rustic style, Quebecois accent cut with a knife: the teenager did not really have the assets on which to build a career in show business. When they begin their collaboration, René Angélil takes matters into his own hands. Surgery, makeover, English lessons … The impresario completely shapes his image. His hold on the young singer is then total. Even more so as she secretly harbors growing feelings for her mentor. Aware of her trouble, her mother, Marie-Thérèse, takes a very dim view of this emerging love, and hopes that it will pass over time. It was without counting on the tenacity of the young woman …

To give his career an international dimension, René Angélil decided to enter Celine Dion in the Eurovision Song Contest. On April 30, 1988, in Dublin, the singer, who defends the colors of Switzerland, triumphs with “Do not leave without me”, in front of more than 600 million viewers. Back at the hotel, to the joy of her success, the one who is now a fulfilled 20-year-old woman runs to join her manager. Two years earlier, in a Parisian restaurant, she opened her heart to him, but René, still married to his second wife and already the father of three children, kindly turned her away. Sensing that he too had succumbed to the charm of his protege, he nevertheless decided to put some distance between them and settled in Las Vegas, far from any temptation against good morals. But that night in Dublin, he gave in.

Finally alone in this hotel room after months spent conscientiously avoiding herself, Céline confesses everything to René, shamelessly. Yes that’s right, she sleeps well with a photo of him tucked under her pillow since she was sixteen and continually dreams of him. And yes, she wants him to be the first. After unsuccessfully trying to push her away one last time, the impresario calls her from the hotel lobby and tells her what she has always dreamed of hearing: “If you really want to, I’ll be the one. first.” The answer is not long in coming: “You will be the first. And the only one …”.

The two lovebirds will not, however, formalize their relationship immediately, in accordance with René Angélil’s wishes (and to the chagrin of his dear and loving one). “She wanted to shout it everywhere. I told her to temper,” the impresario will admit. They will finally wait five years to do so, live, during a show by Sonia Benezra, on the occasion of the launch party of the singer’s latest album. A relief for Celine Dion, who bursts into tears.

Discreetly engaged since 1991, Celine Dion and René Angélil get married on December 17, 1994. The pomp of the ceremony has nothing to envy that of the weddings of the crowned heads. Broadcast on Canadian television, it brings together some 500 guests, and thousands of fans flock to Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal to admire the bride, whose outfit and accessories are an ode to superlatives. The singer’s dress, signed Mirella and Steve Gentile all in volume and lace, adorned with a 6-meter-long train, indeed required the trifle of a thousand hours of work. As for the tiara which retains its veil, it is composed of 2000 Swarovski crystals and weighs more than 3 kilos. “I wanted a fairy dress, a dream dress, the day of my wedding. I pay the price today because it is very heavy”, will slip the singer besides that day. Add to that half a million dollars of budget – including 100,000 for flowers -, and the 800 people mobilized for three months for the preparations, and you will understand why the bride split in the columns of the Gala of this award final about the festivities: “When I get married, I don’t get married small time.” Jean-Claude Van Damme could not have said better.

In the mid-1990s, Celine Dion’s career took a meteoric trajectory, on both sides of the Atlantic. In 1995, D’eux, resulting from his collaboration with Jean-Jacques Goldman, broke all sales records in France – he occupied the top of the hit parade for 44 weeks -, and became the best-selling French-speaking album in the world. The following two years, she released Falling into You, and especially Let’s Talk About Love – carried by the inevitable “My heart Will go on” – both of which sold more than thirty million copies. The consecration is total when the singer wins two Grammy Awards for this last opus. Opening ceremony of the Atlanta Olympics, Oscars ceremony, sold-out world tours: Celine Dion was then, at the end of the decade, at the height of her career. However, she will make a decision that takes all her fans by surprise …

In 1999, Celine Dion announced that she wanted to take a break from her career in order to start a family and take care of her husband. René Angélil is indeed suffering from throat cancer. After their treatment, the couple renews their wedding vows at Caesars Palace, Las Vegas, January 5, 2000. But the best is yet to come: a year later, on January 25, 2001, the singer gives birth her first child, René-Charles, in Palm Beach, Florida. A victory for the Quebec star, who had thought for a time never to be able to have children, as she will reveal almost twenty years later in 50 minutes inside: “At some point in my life, I said to myself that I I was so lucky as a singer that maybe the price to pay was never having children. “

To lead a stable family life, the little family moved to Las Vegas, where the singer had a contract with Caesars Palace for three years. For this purpose, a new amphitheater, the Colosseum, was built from scratch. Céline Dion will finally offer two shows in residence: A New Day …, from March 25, 2003 to December 15, 2007, then Celine, from March 15, 2011 to June 8, 2019. The figures, given by the Billboard Boxscore, make you dizzy : 16 years of presence, 1,141 concerts, 4,555,752 tickets sold and $ 681.3 million in revenue (606 million euros). A record.

Meanwhile, in 2009, Celine Dion once again put her career on hold, with the firm intention of having a second child. After several unsuccessful attempts at in vitro fertilization, she finally announces that she is expecting twins. Nelson and Eddy – names chosen in homage to Nelson Mandela and his friend Eddy Marnay – were thus born on October 23, 2010. At the end of her pregnancy, the star will return to the ordeal that this new motherhood has created for her. eyes: “I feel like I’ve been pregnant for over a year. I never gave up, but I assure you it was physically and emotionally draining.”

At the end of 2013, the throat cancer which had reached René Angélil fourteen years earlier woke up, and forced him to undergo major surgery. Celine Dion then decides to put her career on hold again to support her in her convalescence. In August 2015, before her big comeback on stage, the singer gave several interviews in which she admitted without false modesty that she no longer had a future with her husband: “René said to me:” I want to die in your arms. “And I, him, Say, “Ok, I’ll be fine, I’ll be there. You will die in my arms. “” During her first concert at Caesars Palace, which her husband attends, she will say: “My love, we love you. A lot of strength, tonight. Promise me something: enjoy, it ‘ is all.”

On January 14, 2016, René Angélil died in Las Vegas at the age of 73. A week later, his funeral was held at Notre-Dame Basilica in Montreal, the day after a public tribute that brought together thousands of people. A month later, Celine Dion will return to the stage for a concert in Las Vegas. She will then have these words: “It is quite astonishing to note that since he is no longer physically in my life, he is even more present.” The power of love…

It’s a slippage that makes people talk. This Sunday, March 28, during a demonstration organized in Nice, Francis Lalanne caused controversy, after inviting the crowd to “commit a crime” by kissing in the midst of a pandemic.

Patrick Timsit took advantage of his presence on the set of Quotidien to rehearse his next show. He targeted Cyril Hanouna and his accomplice Benjamin Castaldi under the laughter of Yann Barthès and his chroniclers.

Two years after the death of his brother Thierry, Renaud lost another member of his siblings. According to information from Liberation, Nelly-Marina Séchan, the singer’s sister, died on March 23.

This Monday, March 29, Sarah Hussein Obama died in a hospital in Kenya. Second wife of Barack Obama’s grandfather, she breathed her last at the dawn of her 100th birthday.

COVID-19 – According to Public Health France, the number of people positive for the coronavirus per 100,000 inhabitants stood at 454 this Sunday against 410 last week

On March 26, Le Monde published an article on Emmanuel Macron’s relations with the media. It was discovered that Brigitte Macron, the president’s wife, had a confidential relationship with Pascal Praud …

Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen will give the answer to other actors of the second film trilogy.

Another war is brewing, and it will be expensive. An “Armageddon-type scenario” for insurers. This is how Chris Grieveson, partner of the maritime law firm Wikborg Rein LLP in London, describes the legal imbroglio that awaits the container ship Ever Given, blocked for almost a week in …

The United Arab Emirates announced on Sunday (March 28th) that it will produce China’s Sinopharm vaccine in its territory. With this agreement, the monarchy thus becomes the first Gulf country to set up a production site for the coronavirus vaccine. With our correspondent in Dubai, Nicolas Keraudren, this is a sign of the UAE’s growing role in China’s diplomacy in the Middle East. Starting in April, one of the UAE’s leading pharmaceutical companies, the Julphar Company, will manufacture the vaccine developed by Chinese laboratory Sinopharm. It will then be exported by authorities throughout the region. Long before this announcement, the United Arab Emirates had already made this serum a central part of their vaccine strategy against Covid-19. After entering the trial phase last summer, authorities in the Gulf Monarchy approved its use for the general public on December 9. This Chinese vaccine is now available free of charge to all citizens and residents of the country, regardless of age or health.The Emirates have also approved the vaccine of the American-German duo Pfizer / BioNtech as well as the British vaccines of the AstraZeneca laboratory. and the University of Oxford. In total in the UAE, nearly 9 million doses of all vaccines have been administered. The country is thus the second in the world where the population is vaccinated the most in proportion to the population after Israel. More than 388,000 cases of coronavirus have been recorded in the United Arab Emirates since the start of the pandemic, including 1,481 deaths. listen: Covid-19: large-scale vaccination in the United Arab Emirates

The Suez Canal Authority (SCA) on Monday announced the “resumption of traffic” in this major seaway obstructed for nearly a week by a giant container ship, the Ever Given, which was still across the sea. channel just a few minutes ago.

Catherine Marchal, star of the series Here everything begins on TF1, and her husband Olivier Marchal, with the poster of the Purple Rivers, have not been together for six years. But they are still married. And the situation does not seem to bother them.

While Britain is currently in lockdown, Peter Philips, the grandson of Queen Elizabeth II, visited a family friend Lindsay Wallace in Scotland.

In 2013, Seth Rogen was the partner and director of a movie Emma Watson was also working on. One scene sparked an incident and started a rumor about the actress, who was only 22 at the time. In GQ, he restores the truth.

In the forest of Craonne, in the Aisne, the vestiges of the First World War appear everywhere. In January 2020, Pierre Malinowski and his team of amateur historians made an exceptional discovery: a 300-meter-long tunnel, where 250 German soldiers from Baden-Württemberg were trapped. These men were engaged on the Chemin des Dames, one of the deadliest battles of the Great War. The soldiers had been walled up alive in this tunnel after a shell hit. The end of a family quest Pierre Malinowski and his team carried out searches illegally in the middle of the night. They dug more than five meters deep. Weapons, ammunition and a communications post were notably discovered. “What we were looking for were not the objects, it was the boards on the sides. And we found them”, describes Pierre Malinowski. This discovery is the end of a family quest started 25 years ago by his father, Alain Malinowski, a history buff who uncovered the trace of this tunnel in the archives. Pierre Malinowski is now being prosecuted for illegal excavations, but he has no regrets.

JUNTE – Local media speak of 114 dead for Saturday alone

It’s the big day: this Sunday, March 28, Michel Drucker has finally joined his red sofa at Vivement dimanche after months of absence. The famous host of France 2 could not start his show without making a short speech. Moved, he delivered a touching message of thanks.

A friend of Meghan Markle made a mistake emblematic of the era of modern communication: by wanting to complain about the Duchess of Sussex, the latter sent a vocal note … to the main interested party! It seems that she immediately distanced herself from the author of this note.

Koh-Lanta’s red tribe, the Secret Weapons had immense joy in obtaining survival advice and tips from the game’s iconic contender Teheiura after a victory in the comfort test. If he introduced them to his daddy, his mother was away. He explains himself.

Corinne Masiero was accused of sexual exhibition by deputies The Republicans after her passage very commented (and naked) to the Caesar. The Captain Marleau actress responded to her detractors …