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Faced with the restrictive migration policy implemented by the conservative Greek government, migrants and smugglers are looking for other routes to enter Europe. A phenomenon which is observed particularly through accidents.

In Greece, dozens of migrants have been reported missing after their dinghy sank off the island of Folegandros in the Cyclades archipelago. The Greek Coast Guard said it has so far rescued 12 people, including children, while at least one other person is believed to have died.

This accident, relatively far from the Aegean islands where the refugee camps are located, seems to bear witness to attempts by migrants and asylum seekers to find alternative routes, at a time when Greece is continually toughening its policy. migratory.

The authorities have said many times since this summer, the country does not want to become “the gateway to Europe” again. A status that Greece acquired during the migration crisis of 2015 and 2016, when more than a million people arrived on the European continent, in particular from Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

In power since 2019, the Greek conservative government has continued to tighten the country’s migration policy, notably with the increase in refusals of asylum applications, increasingly closed camps, and very frequent refoulements.

Faced with this hardening, smugglers and migrants are looking for alternative routes, which avoid the Aegean islands, such as Lesbos and Samos. A phenomenon, which is observed particularly at the time of accidents.

In October, a boat of 400 migrants drifted further west, between Rhodes and Crete, before being rescued. Across the Mediterranean, dangerous migratory routes officially killed more than 1,300 people this year. A “cold cemetery without a tombstone” the Pope was moved by in Lesvos earlier this month.

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