After three complaints of violence filed against him, the mayor of Laruscade (Gironde) will have to face a demonstration, organized by the parents of the students on Wednesday.

In May 2021, he was accused of taking out a knife – a bottle opener according to him – in the schoolyard in his town, before disemboweling a balloon. Facts that earned him a call to the law, for damage to the equipment of others. Since September 15, the mayor of Laruscade (Gironde), Jean-Paul Labeyrie (LFI), has been accused by the parents of two students of having abused their children. According to them, a young boy was violently pushed. The second, a little girl in CM1 class, had her foot crushed by Mr. Labeyrie.

Frédéric, the father, recounts the scene, which took place on September 3: “She explained to me that she was in the courtyard near her office (note: the school is next to the town hall). Mr. Labeyrie came out during the lunch break, he asked him if it hurt when you stepped on someone’s foot. She wasn’t sure what to say. And he actually crushed his foot, ”he says.

The 9-year-old girl confided in her father the same evening. “She was scared,” he continues. He is known to be a man who shouts a lot and quickly gets carried away. Since then we limit as much as possible the interactions between him and my daughter. We took her out of the canteen and extracurricular activities. “

He admits to having delayed filing a complaint. “We went there after hearing the story of this boy who was slapped in the face. That, plus the history of the ball at the end of last year, it looks like the violence is on the rise. We want it to stop! “

With the boy’s parents, they went to file a complaint on September 11, 2021, with the gendarmes of Saint-Savin.

The mayor, for his part, denies the willful violence. To justify his presence in the school, during the day breaks and after-school time, he mentions a lack of personnel: “We are a few elected officials, including myself, who are going to help the supervisors, because we have 40 to 50 kids. in primary school, and there are only two or even three supervisors to take care of them. I help put the games in place. “

It was during this extra-school time that he allegedly shot a young boy’s ear violently. A fact that he does not deny: “He is a very difficult kid who should be in a therapeutic educational and pedagogical institute (Itep). He is going there two days a week this year. But he is very offensive and he hits the balloons very violently. The supervisors came to find me because they were destitute. So there, indeed, I firmly invited him to leave the field, he says. But I didn’t pull his ear out, those aren’t things I do. “

As for stepping on the little one’s foot: “It can happen in a game, but I have no recollection of it! I am not a sadist. I formally deny having done this in order to hurt him! “

The aedile was auditioned on Monday, September 20 at the end of the day. The prosecutor will decide what to do with the case.

Not enough for parents. They turned to the UNAAPE (National Union of Autonomous Associations of Parents of Students) which sent a letter on Monday to the sub-prefecture of Blaye with a copy to the Director of the Academy of Bordeaux and to the Rector of Aquitaine as well as to the constituency deputy.

With the help of parents of students, the association also organized a demonstration, which will be held this Wednesday, September 22 from 5.30 p.m. to 9 p.m. in front of the town hall of Lascurade where a meeting of the municipal council will take place.

“We are very surprised by the number of responses and people wishing to mobilize, points out the regional secretary and national vice-president of UNAAPE Jean-François Trapy. We have received many testimonies from parents and former students who are very critical of the mayor’s behavior. “

For Frédéric, daddy of the girl, who will be in front of the town hall this Wednesday, there is no question of demanding the resignation of Jean-Paul Labeyrie, whose municipal action he also welcomes: “What I want is” is that my children go to school to learn in a peaceful atmosphere. School should be a place where they feel safe. “

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