We understood the symbolism, but in practice, it’s hell. Leaving the air-conditioned room where she had taken the habit of making her political comeback, in Frà © jus (Var), Marine Le Pen opted on Sunday for an outdoor speech, at the tea To be Roman of the city led by David Rachline since 2014. History to show that, for her third presidential campaign, the candidate of the extreme right is decided to open wide doors and windows to those who might be tempted to support her. Result: at noon, the dodger is hardly bearable and more than one activist uses his tricolor flag to protect his skull from the sun. To cover her program with a veil of novelty, Marine Le Pen, she uses the term “freedom” which she uses in all sauces. Basically, nothing really revolutionary. In the form, nothing very concrete.

This weekend, the executives of the National Rally (RN) had moreover often difficult to explain with precision which are these freedoms in danger. “There is a feeling of restrictions on freedoms”, Christophe Bay, campaign manager tried to scramble. Behind this new catch-all word, it is simply a matter of applying the RN program. “It speaks of the freedom to feel safe, for a woman to walk alone in the street without being called a whore”, explains Julien Sanchez, mayor of Beaucaire. Laurent Jacobelli, spokesperson for the party continues: “This is the libe”

Ref: https://www.liberation.fr