AFP, published on Thursday, October 28, 2021 at 2:02 p.m.

Marine Le Pen denounced a “laxity” of policies in the face of urban violence that she attributed to immigration, Thursday in Alençon (Orne) where the police came under fireworks at the start of week.

“The problem is not police but political”, affirmed the candidate of the National Assembly for the presidential one in front of the police station of the city, by denouncing “the laxity of the policies”.

Ms. Le Pen had just spent a quarter of an hour in the police station, without the press, according to the RN to “support the police”.

“We made a fairly quick overview of the situation. It is unfortunately traditional. In all the police stations where I have the opportunity to go I hear the same speech”, replied the candidate, questioned by a journalist on the brevity of his visit.

Drawing a frequent parallel to the extreme right, she assured that “95% of street delinquency is the result of immigration, either immigrants, foreigners, or people of immigrant origin”.

It is necessary “to take this situation into account, not to worsen the situation by stopping immigration rather than continuing to bring in people who find themselves in the criminogenic dead ends”, added Ms. Le Pen, whose electorate is coveted by the far-right polemicist Eric Zemmour, very virulent on sovereign matters.

Thirteen vehicles were set on fire and police were the target of fireworks mortar fire during the night of Tuesday to Wednesday in a district of Alençon during urban violence.

Ms. Le Pen also pleaded for “being able to prosecute parents who do not respect their obligations”, in particular with regard to article 227-17 of the penal code providing for an offense “punishable by two years in prison”.

Ms. Le Pen also proposed “measures to remove allowances for families of delinquents”, or to “evict them from social housing” because “there is no longer any reason to show leniency towards those who spoil the lives of honest citizens “.

The National Rally candidate had previously spoken on the phone with the city’s PS mayor, Joaquim Pueyo, with whom she spoke of “the lack of personnel”, “surveillance cameras” or “the lack of territorial intelligence”.

She also pleaded for “morally rearming” the police which should, according to her, benefit from a “presumption of self-defense”.

“There is a problem of numbers” of police officers in Alençon, especially since they are in charge of the prison for difficult inmates of Condé-sur-Sarthe, she added.

A 16-year-old posing as coming from the district of Perseigne, where the violence occurred on Tuesday evening, intervened to accuse Ms. Le Pen of “belittling the district” by exaggerating according to him the delinquency which strikes him.

“Sorry, but in the morning when I wake up I don’t see mortar fire. In the morning, I wake up, I see my grandmother, everyone comes to help her” in front of his building, said the young man to himself. presenting as Ufuk.

“That there are honest people, it is no problem. It is for honest people that I fight,” replied the candidate of the RN.

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