This is a car of a train that this is. Inside which several scenes from the film “L’Héritier”, by Philippe Labro, had been filmed. In 2017, it landed in the workshops of the Center de la Mine and Chemin de Fer de Oignies, to be renovated. Belmondo and Labro had decided to sponsor this operation.

Not a car, but THE transatlantic car in which the film L’Héritier, directed by Philippe Labro, was filmed and in which Bébel played the lead role. The scenes last between thirty seconds and a minute and a half. We see Jean-Paul Belmondo, alias Bart Cordell, discussing in front of television reporters with Jean Rochefort and the leaders of
, the weekly newspaper of the press group founded by his father, who died in a strange plane crash. The car is moving, the landscape scrolls across the large bay …

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In 2018, Jean-Paul Belmondo sponsored the renovation in Oignies of the transatlantic car of” L