In 50 minutes inside this Saturday, May 8, Florent Pagny, almost 60 years old, confided in the way he spoke.

More than a few hours before the semi-final of The Voice this Saturday evening on TF1. Just enough time for Florent Pagny to give a last interview to his colleague and friend Nikos. Although he has an extraordinary longevity on the French music scene, the artist with the extraordinary range continues to have an overflowing topicality. If all goes well, he will celebrate his 60th birthday with his audience on stage on November 6 and release his twentieth album in September. He has just unveiled this Friday his latest single “Instinct”. The perfect opportunity for the show 50 minutes inside to dedicate its portrait of the week to him on May 8. A format that presents the guest in five dates. After discussing his return in The Voice and his life halfway in Patagonia with Nikos, the singer stopped on the passage of time and his age.

“We have the feeling that time, you assume everything. Your face … You haven’t tried to look younger,” Nikos initiated. An obvious fact for Florent Pagny: “Anyway, I want to tell you, it is better. It is better to assume everything. I have the pockets … I will be as I am. And then it is up to me to be careful still.” The singer then detailed the lifestyle he followed. “I was losing my hair, I found solutions. I had my implants. I also take care with age. I do my push-ups you see. At least I do my 100 push-ups a day. I do 5 push-ups. per day. I do sets of 20, five sets of 20. Otherwise I couldn’t. But five sets of 20 keeps you going. “

The singer also confided in the way in which he was managing his advancing age: “I am aware that I am not eternal and that finally time passes and that it is necessary to assimilate all these stages of life and that is why that I assume everything. ” Intimate subjects that the artist usually does not deal with very much. With age, Florent Pagny assumes more his feelings, whether on the set of The Voice in his role as coach where he does not hesitate to burst into tears or to push rants or in what he says of his personal life. Proof is, recently, the singer confided as rarely on his children and his couple.

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