Since the launch of the vaccination campaigns in Algeria or elsewhere in the world, the theories one crazier than the other have multiplied on possible undesirable effects. Among these theories, a negative impact on fertility and procreation.

All Algerian specialists are unanimous: the anti-Covid-19 vaccines do not rethink any major danger to the health of citizens and they constitute the only solution to stem the spread of the virus. Epidemic, especially its new strains.

In this sense, the head of the prevention department at the health and population directorate of the wilaya of Sétif, Dr Koussa Liamine affirmed that the vaccines against the coronavirus do not have no impact on fertility in particular.

Speaking on the waves of the Regional Radio of SÃ © tif, the specialist emphasizes that his services have not recorded any complications in people who took the first and second dose, and this, since the start of the vaccination campaign.

In the same wake, he indicates that there is no scientific study which warns of a possible danger or impact of vaccination on fertility and procreation. According to him, all that has been relayed on this subject is just rumors.

TO?? Like all specialists who have tackled this subject before, Dr Koussa Liamine adds that those who tend to relay this kind of erroneous information are only those who reject the strategy vaccination. Moreover, he adds that the truth does not exist on social networks while calling for vigilance and to take the advice of the attending physician in order to ???? avoid false information.

In order to support his remarks, the speaker puts forward as proof the people who took the vaccine and then contaminated by the virus and who were not strongly impacted. s by this contamination. TO?? In this regard, he argues that the vaccine effectively protects against complications requiring resuscitation, or even hospitalization.

Also in the wake of the vaccination, the guest of Radio SÃ © tif emphasizes that those who have taken the first dose of the vaccine and then contaminated by the virus will have to wait three months after their ford. © rison before you can take the second dose.