“Halloween Kills” was released recently and has already made an impression. Indeed, the film directed by David Gordon Green aroused strong reactions, especially the famous scene of the fire where the firefighters intervene. CinéSéries tells you a little more.

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The movie Halloween Kills directed by David Gordon Green is actually the twelfth in the Halloween series. This new opus is like the others, thus combining very violent scenes, in particular that of the fire in Laurie’s house. As our picture of the day shows, below, firefighters arrive on the scene, but don’t expect to run into the terrifying Michael Myers.

In this first sequence of incredible violence, the killer will decimate a whole team of firefighters. Part of the scene is interpreted by real firefighters from the Cannon Air Force Base Fire located in New Mexico. This scene of killing of the rescuers embarrassed many, and a petition has emerged on Change.org to remove these images from the film.

Indeed, the latter is written by a future firefighter from a family of the profession, who found it offensive. According to him, there is no reason for this “horrible” and “disgusting” scene to remain in the film. He does not tolerate the fact that the firefighters came to help put out the fire, and then were brutally murdered, moreover with their own equipment!

Michael Myers is the terrible masked killer from the “Halloween” saga. This terrifying fictional character always inspires a lot of disguises on the October 31 party. But not everyone seems afraid of this bloodthirsty brute!

Ref: https://www.cineserie.com