Sylvie Vartan is one of the people who marked Johnny’s life during his lifetime. The mother of the eldest Taulier spoke of his legacy in a recent interview.

On Monday, May 24, 2021, Sylvie Vartan agreed to talk to Télé-Star during an interview. The singer returned to the litigation that arose after Johnny’s disappearance and also spoke about her new documentary.

In 2017, the French song lost one of its greatest figures, Johnny Hallyday. After his death, his relatives, more specifically his widow and his two eldest, clashed over the issue of his inheritance.

The battle caused a lot of ink to flow and finally, Laeticia and her two stepchildren were able to find common ground regarding the heritages of Taulier.

At the time of this battle, Sylvie Vartan was among those who reacted to support her son David Hallyday. Invited for an interview with Télé-Star, the interpreter of “La Maritza” confided on the reason why she wanted to react.

“Me, when I am scandalized, I cannot be silent. I’m pretty cash and I can’t let it go when I see someone attacking mine or me directly ”,

After saying that she is not interested in the posthumous Taulier album, Sylvie Vartan confirmed that a new documentary on her is in the works.

According to him, this report will focus on his life and that of Johnny Hallyday. It is in particular Laurent Delahousse and his team who will produce it, as reported by the interpreter of “The most beautiful to go dancing”.

“It’s going to be done with a lot of archives. I will participate as a voiceover, without scandal or buzz ”,

Before the release of this documentary, fans will first be able to savor the singer’s book, “Sylvie Vartan, le tourbillon d’un vie”.

In this book, the septuagenarian reconsiders the infidelities of Le Taulier when they were still together. Read more: Sylvie Vartan talks about Johnny’s infidelities and “junk from passing girls”.

Johnny Hallyday and Sylvie Vartan at their wedding on April 12, 1965 | photo: Getty Images