Melbourne: Australian opener David Warner rejoins the IPL auction pool as he doesn’t expect Sunrisers Hyderabad to keep him until the 2022 season.

Warner, who made the Sunrisers their first title in 2016 was not selected for the final six games of the UAE 2021 season. He was already relieved of his captain during the Indian stage of the IPL.

“I will put my name in the auction. After the signs of the most recent IPL, I will not be taken over by the Sunrisers, so I am looking forward to a fresh start”, Warner told SEN Radio.

Warner said it was a “hard to swallow pill” to be excluded from the Sunrisers who play XI.

“I laughed at the argument that two guys had the Hit the ball a little better out of the middle than I. When you play the game, you play the scenario.

“Of course there are a lot of moving parts there. What you have to do as a professional athlete is put your chin on your chin and do whatever you can for the team.

“Not being able to go there, have drinks and be around , was when it somehow became clear that it could be personal, and I still don’t have those answers, “said the southpaw who is currently with Australia’s T20 in the UAE World Cup squad.

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Sunrisers Hyderabad removed Warner from captaincy in the Indian Premier League (IPL) first leg earlier this year, and when the league resumed in the UAE he was no longer in the XI after normal appearances in the first two games.

Rarely, if ever, has Australia had such incoherent preparation for a major tournament.

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