Unveiled in Lille a few days ago, this great musical and theatrical show articulated around the hits of Michel Sardou is offering a tour of the biggest venues from this autumn until spring, before taking up its quarters at the Seine Musicale in May and June 2022.

Presented as a “Mamma mia! à la française “by Roberto Ciurleo, co-producer of the show with Franck Montel,” I am going to love you “plunges, like the show tribute to the group ABBA, into Michel Sardou’s discography. It is therefore not a biopic on the life of the artist with 100 million albums sold that awaits viewers but an original story. A story directed by the Québécois Serge Denoncourt, also author of the libretto, which is based on the greatest hits of the interpreter of the “Lakes of Connemara” to tell the story of young people over four decades, between 1960 and 2000, between France and the United States, between love, hope but also disillusion.

It all started “on the day of the inauguration of the France liner,” notes Serge Denoncourt in a press release. On board six young French people embark for the United States. It is their stories crossing that of the history of France – “May 68, the strike on France, the changes of Presidents”, specifies the director – which take shape on stage revealing, over forty years, their trajectories of life. to the rhythm of the songs of Michel Sardou.

About thirty titles that Serge Denoncourt selected from among the 267 composed by Michel Sardou to write what he calls “the soundtrack of their existence”. Among them, “The popular balls”, “The lakes of Connemara”, “Being a woman”, “The jazz singer”, “The java of Broadway” or even “I steal” punctuate the show compared by its author to a “Real saga”.

Songs that are performed on stage by a group of artists selected by Bruno Berberes, famous casting director of The Voice, who has also officiated for the biggest musicals, from “Ten Commandments” to “Resist”.

The show, which has received the agreement of Michel Sardou, will be showing at the Zénith d’Amiens this weekend before stopping in November in Strasbourg and Dijon, then Toulouse in December, Bordeaux, Pau and Limoges in January, Caen in February or Marseille in April. He will then go to Ile-de-France, for fifteen dates, from May 20 to June 19, 2022.

Ref: https://www.cnews.fr