In football, the relationship between coaches and players can be very difficult. And when two strong characters meet in an ambitious locker room, bright sparks can be born within the group. Known for his thorny character, Samir Nasri has often been involved in affairs where his attitude has been called into question. For Canal, he returned to an anecdote that marked his time at Manchester City, when the latter was then coached by the Italian Roberto Mancini.

As part of a program dedicated to the Premier League, Samir Nasri, accompanied by Robert Pirès, Florent Sinama-Pongolle, Olivier Dacourt and journalist Joris Sabi, returned together on some anecdotes of the English championship.

Former players have evoked and shared memories hitherto unknown to the general public. The story of the native of Marseille takes place in 2012, when Manchester City face Wolverhampton four days from the end of the season. Starter at the start of the match, Samir Nasri cannot stand the attitude of his coach on the edge of the lawn, much too directive for his taste.

“He’s just talking the whole game. I turn around I tell him stop talking to me, I’m not a Playstation, if you’re not happy you take me out, you let someone else in. […] At half-time I had prepared myself, I had taken off my crampons. There was Yaya (Touré) next to me, and I said to Yaya, if he talks badly to me, I throw a crampon at him ”

If in the end, Nasri stepped on the pitch in the second half and scored, the problem with Mancini did not seem to be resolved.

After a three-quarter-hour meeting the next day, during which an update is made, a new clash takes place between the two men during a tactical set-up in training as the group prepares for the meeting. crucial against Manchester United.

“He told me to defend in a certain way on the establishment and David Platt who was his deputy, told me to do otherwise. I listen to David Platt, and he starts to scream, to say insults to me in Italian, so I insult him too and he says to me get out of the practice, I take off my bib, throw it in and I go out. “

A lively exchange takes place between the two men after the session and insults erupt.

Nasri, exasperated, will take his mind off things in Paris. He is finally reinstated in the group thanks to the intervention of the president.

And finally peace. While Nasri has to go once again to France for an appointment with the osteopath, Roberto Mancini wants to make the trip with him in the private plane, before joining him in Italy.

“His manager calls me, he says to me, can the coach get on the plane with you? I tell him no, he’s not getting on with me. He says to me, come on go he wants to take the plane like that after he goes to Milan. I tell him, let him give me half of what I paid and he goes up with me “.

It was during this theft that the hatchet was definitely buried between the two men. A great story, which is not uncommon in a football locker room.

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