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WASHINGTON – FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell appeared on the Weather Channel today calling on people to complete preparations for Hurricane Ida and discuss FEMA’s willingness to help affected states.

FEMA is working worked with other federal agencies and volunteer organizations to assist state, local, and tribal partners in preparing for Hurricane Ida.

President Joseph R. Biden, Jr. approved a declaration of emergency for Louisiana Friday.

“Before that, we moved resources to the area on Tuesday when we spoke to the National Hurricane Center and they thought it might be a possible storm,” said the administrator. “We are prepared with rapid water rescue teams, helicopters, fixed-wing aircraft and flood vehicles, food, water and generators, which are ready to support Louisiana and Mississippi if necessary after the end of the storm threat.”. “

FEMA is ready to react and will support states and volunteer organizations in housing affected residents.

“The COVID-19 pandemic is still a cause for concern,” said the administrator. “States will initially use communal accommodations and take appropriate measures to ensure they respect social distancing, have hand sanitizer, and wear masks. We also have some shelter support kits if you need them to help ease more of that gathering environment and social distancing. Once the storm is over, we will be able to support uncollected accommodations – the use of hotels to get people out of this area and prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. ”

Expected after landing that Hurricane Ida brings strong winds and rain when it moves inland.

“This is not just a coastal event,” said the administrator. “We will see some catastrophic winds on the coast, but we will see some significant rainfall with major flooding in inland Louisiana and as the storm pushes east into Mississippi and Tennessee. We even saw tornado activity. If you have not yet started preparing in these areas, now is the time to do so. Understand what your threats are. Most importantly, listen to your local officials. Listen to the advice they give you about the protective measures you need to take. “

Saturday was the last day for Gulf Coast residents to complete storm preparations. Local residents should listen to state and local officials for important safety information. If asked to evacuate, do so immediately, learn your evacuation routes, have an emergency communication plan for the family, have a battery-powered radio handy, and have plans for your family members and pets.

Visit for general answer updates Go to and download the FEMA app. For more information on readiness, see

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