IBM announced a new solution, Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), designed to facilitate a zero-trust approach to enterprise security.

The tech giant said on Wednesday that its new service, IBM Security Services for SASE, would build on technology offered through a partnership with cybersecurity firm Zscaler announced in May.

According to IBM, it’s not just “designed to help organizations accelerate the adoption of cloud-delivered security at the edge, closer to users and devices accessing corporate resources.” . ..

IBM Security Services for SASE include Zscaler features including Enterprise Zero Trust Strategy, SASE planning, modern network architecture, and process and policy creation for SASE management and security services managed IBM.

Company Says IBM Security Services for SASE Now Supports Hybrid Employees, Third-Party Access Systems, M&A Execution, and Network Upgrades to Promote Cloud, 5G and Internet of Things Devices (IoT).

“Traditional approaches to network security are no longer viable in a digital world where users and applications are decentralized,” warns Mary O’Brien, IBM’s chief security officer. “We are seeing this transformation as many organizations plan to operate in a hybrid model for the foreseeable future. This new approach adds to the new technological architecture. We need to change the culture, the processes and the collaboration between teams.

Earlier this year, IBM and Zscaler announced a partnership to create a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) implementation of IBM Cloud Pak for Security focused on streamlining the development of the zero architecture. Confidence in business.

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