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This Thursday, October 14, 2021, Simon Castaldi will make his comeback on the show Les Marseillais Vs Le Reste du Monde after his exclusion following an altercation with another candidate, Tristan. He confided with great regret about this incident.

This is an announcement that made the fans of the program Les Marseillais Vs Le Reste du Monde, broadcast on W9, react a lot. On September 28, 2021, Simon Castaldi was excluded from the program after a violent altercation with Tristan. Indeed, the two reality TV candidates kept arguing about their relationship with candidate Luna Skye. After several days of tension, everything exploded between the two candidates who came to blows. And obviously, as a result of that, the production had decided to make an exemplary decision by removing Simon Castaldi from the game.

The reality TV candidate and son of Benjamin Castaldi had reacted to this decision on social networks a few days later: “Even if I think I was right, I made it too personal a matter. take it more lightly. I crossed the line and I recognize myself more. I lost my temper. There are gestures that cannot be done. I must leave “. But the production decided to give it a second chance.

And Simon Castaldi will indeed return to the show in the episode of Thursday, October 14, 2021 with the agreement of the candidates. Indeed, during a ceremony, the presenter, Catalia had asked them if he wanted the return, or not, of Simon Castaldi: “Several days ago Simon left us following unacceptable actions on his part. Nevertheless, once we got out, we had a long discussion together. He apologized several times. He admits his wrongs and regrets a lot. He asked me to give him a second chance. I promised him to think about it (…) I am going to ask you to make a vote by show of hands to accept yes or not the return of Simon “.

A return that the candidates accepted in majority. Before returning to the program, Simon Castaldi wished to express his immense regrets: “I am aware of what I have done, I have thought a lot. It was very hard, very long. I questioned myself. about a lot of things. I was very, very sad. I am very moved because I really did not think I was going to come back. I thought it was over over. I am so happy “. A return that will allow the Rest of the World to win the cup against the Marseillais? Case to be continued …

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