On France Inter, Monday, August 30, 2021, Yann Barthès learned a news that he did not expect. Very surprised, he did not fail to ask for more explanations.

Yann Barthès was on vacation and had decided to cut a little with the different information. It must be said that throughout the rest of the year it is at the heart of the news. Only, that’s it, Monday, August 30, 2021 rhymes with his return since he will be in charge of Quotidien from 6:25 pm. On this occasion, he was the guest of L’instant M on France Inter, the same morning. While he answered many questions, he revealed that his show would be split into several parts so that viewers could fully understand the program’s conductor. This year, in addition to the competition from Touche not at my post, the Quotidien teams will have to face the extension of C to you. The opportunity for Sonia Devillers to ask Yann Barthès if this is not the reason that prompted a reorganization of the show.

“I did not know it”, then launched Yann Barthès. The latter was not aware that C à vous was going to continue her show until 9 p.m. whereas in recent seasons it stopped at 8:20 p.m. “But C’s your going to lie down until it’s time?”, Then hastened to ask with a little panic in her voice. “Uh I think it’s until the prime time of France 5”, replied the host of France Inter.

Laughing, the latter assured him that she could introduce him to Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and that she could even invite them both to her show. “Oh I know her well. I embrace her by the way,” Yann Barthès said. It must be said that the two animators like to tease each other. A few months ago, he made a video together on their show. A sequence that has become cult since Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine had insulted the Daily teams, laughing, thinking she was no longer on the air.

Born in Chambéry, he studied in Bordeaux before moving to Paris in 1998. At Canal headquarters, he was first in charge of press reviews within …

Of course he knew about it! The PAF soldiers pass the information between opposing camps!

Endless shows as well as sitcoms and series do you want it for the films we have to wait later and later, formerly it was at 8:30 p.m. then 8:45 p.m. now, it’s 9:00 p.m. and sometimes 9:15 p.m., I don’t not talking about extended ads suddenly the film ends at midnight, the viewers are exhausted …. Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine, Yann Barthès and the others if one day they are fired so much the better

You just have to turn off the TV or watch your favorite shows in streaming, replay or other at the time you want: technology is beautiful and it’s better for your arteries. Humor.

The Superior Audiovisual Council warned CNews against “the lack of diversity in the views expressed” in Pascal Praud’s program, “L’heure des pros”. LOL! it should start with BFM, LCI and the others which fall to several on the guest

Yann will not be in competition with the nervous Lemoine and even less with the uncultivated Hanouna … Barthès has never been in panic, he was aware, you take him for a partridge of the year ???

“then eager to ask with a little panic in her voice”? ? ? Feminine ? I happen to listen to France Inter, I didn’t feel any “panic” in Barthès’ voice! Usual fabulations of klozeur in search of conflicts!

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