In her youth, when abortion was illegal, Nadine Trintignant had an abortion clandestinely. A traumatic episode for the director.

It’s a fight she fought for years. On April 5, 1971, Nadine Trintignant was one of the signatories of the manifesto of 343, the number of women thus revealing to have aborted at a time when abortion was illegal. In her youth, she clandestinely aborted four times, “because we had nothing in the circle, nothing to feed a child,” recalls the director in the columns of Elle magazine. At the time, women lived in “blue fear (…) every month of being pregnant”. To our colleagues, Nadine Trintignant explains that she was helped by another figure in women’s rights. “I had borrowed the money for the abortion from Françoise Sagan with whom I was a friend,” says Nadine Trintignant.

“I lived rue du Bac; she, rue de l’Université, we would come home together from Castel at 5 am, says the director. At 16, one Saturday afternoon in Paris, I accompanied a friend of the pedicle factory where I worked, which was to have an abortion. It was atrocious, sordid, I did not want to go through this, I was afraid that I would be massacred and not be able to have any more children. ” In order not to experience the same thing, Nadine Trintignant flew to Switzerland to have an abortion. “With Françoise’s money, I went to see a doctor in Geneva,” she recalls to the weekly. She continues: “Years later, we play poker in Saint-Tropez, Jean-Louis was a great player, he won crazy money against Françoise. I whispered in his ear: ‘do not take a penny to Françoise, we owe him money! ‘ She had forgotten “.

On her blog years ago, Nadine Trintignant said she came across a doctor who did not help her at all. And to have lied to be able to practice this abortion. “I said that my soldier lover (that was true. Jean-Louis was finishing his military service) had let me down (and that was false. I was an assistant editor and we did not have the means to have a baby at that time), that my parents quarreled during my childhood (and I had no trouble crying to spout these lies about those I loved) “, wrote the mother of Marie Trintignant , remembering that he had “warned her [that she would end up] on the sidewalk.” Today, if abortion is authorized, “the fight in favor of battered women must continue”, she explained to Paris Match: “It’s my fight, I go wherever I can to defend their cause”.

11/27 at 3:59 PM I join your Excellent comment! Thank you so much !

I admire this woman Nadine and her husband Jean Louis. They remained worthy despite the assassination of their daughter Marie .. A drama for the whole family and for Marie’s four children, while the murderer still has happy days …

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