The environmentalist primary candidate Sandrine Rousseau has created a new controversy by saying she prefers “women who cast spells rather than men who build EPR”, in reference to the feminist expression “witch”.

Candidate for the ecological primary for the 2022 presidential election, Sandrine Rousseau has attracted all kinds of mockery on social networks following the dissemination of an excerpt from an article in Charlie Hebdo published on August 25. To the question “how far can ecofeminism go?”, The former regional adviser replied: “The world is dying of too much rationality, decisions made by engineers. I prefer women who cast spells rather than men who build EPRs. “

Creativity, emotion, etc., okay. But that’s not the subject. In this interview with journalist Laure Daussy, for CharlieHebdo, she quietly promotes … Sorcery! 🙃 🥳🤡

A remark perceived as a bonus to the irrational, even a “promotion of witchcraft” according to several Internet users. “Does that mean that if she is elected president, we would be entitled to a ministry of magic like in Harry Potter?”, For example mocked a Twitter user, while another wrote that “it is in these moments when you tell yourself that the nuclear button may be a little too early for EELV ”.

Sandrine Rousseau episode 56: wants to be president but says she prefers people who cast spells to those who appeal to reason. It’s in these moments that you tell yourself that the nuclear button, it may be a little too early for EELV 😅

By the paraphrase of “women who cast spells”, the former spokesperson for the environmental party referred to the expression “witch”, used by the feminist movement as a symbol of a woman unjustly ostracized from society because of its nature and / or its opinions. The term was notably popularized under this definition by the essayist Mona Chollet in her book Witches, the undefeated power of women (2018), where she writes that “the witch embodies the woman freed from all dominions, all limitations; it is an ideal towards which to strive, it shows the way ”. The candidate for the EELV primary has also published the cover of the book on Twitter following the controversy.

A reference which is not new for Sandrine Rousseau. In November 2019, she co-signed a column in the JDD entitled “Witches of all countries, unite!”. Also initialed by actresses Muriel Robin and Charlotte Gainsbourg and by Secretary of State Marlène Schiappa, this text was intended to rehabilitate the expression and the figure of the witch: “We, women, say how much we are the heirs, daughters and sisters of those unfairly called witches. We recognize in them the sometimes unwitting actors of one of the longest and most difficult struggles of humanity: that for equality and the rights of women. “

Sandrine Rousseau is not, however, her first recent controversy. They have even multiplied in recent days, especially following her participation in the summer days of her party where she declared on August 21 in a video that went viral: “Our entire economic, social and societal system is founded. on the triptych: we take, we use and we throw away. The body of women, the body of racialized people. We take, we use and we throw away women’s bodies. We take, we use and we throw away the bodies of the most precarious in society. We take, we use and we throw away the bodies of racialized people. ” Subsequently, a photo of her campaign team during these summer days had been the subject of mockery for its lack of ethnic diversity, which the candidate had likened to a “cyberstalking” of “the fascosphere”.

Yes, I deleted the photo of part of my team because it is unacceptable that they are the target of cyberstalking and raiding by the fascosphere. #getalife

In addition, on August 24, in a live interview on BFMTV about immigrants from Afghanistan, Sandrine Rousseau had developed a logic that had also provoked many reactions: “If there are really people who are dangerous, potential terrorists, it is not because they remain in Afghanistan that they are less dangerous. Somewhere, having them in France also allows us to monitor them. ”

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