Who will succeed Sami El Gueddari and choreographer Fauve Hautot for this year? For now, the mystery remains unsolved. What is certain is that the show promises to be awe-inspiring with handpicked celebrities from all walks of life. From the great couturier Jean-Paul Gautier to the singer Wejdene, the production has seen the big picture. As usual, participants will undergo rigorous training before each premium. Lââm recently confided in tears after a first rehearsal. While the pros get hectic in Dancing with the Stars, it does happen sometimes that some get injured. This is precisely the case with Anthony Colette who has to move around on crutches for the moment.

Close to her community on Instagram, the ex of Iris Mittenaere revealed herself in the middle of a rehabilitation session with a woman. In caption, he just wrote: “Ouch”, like what he was in great pain. In another video, the professional dancer appeared shirtless, with a bandage on one of his arms. “Hi everybody! I hope you’re OK. I’m fine, even though I got undercover. I have crutches since I injured my ankle… ahaha great! », He reveals.

Anthony Colette has yet to discuss the circumstances of his injury. What is certain is that the handsome brunette cannot step on the floor of Dancing with the Stars. However, the second prime is not being broadcast live. So, he may still be in the game. Suffice to say that the mystery remains intact, as does the identity of his partner in this new season.

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