The emotion was strong this Wednesday, November 24, 2021, on the plateau of Touche, not at my post. Former columnist, now CNews presenter, Christine Kelly was guest of Cyril Hanouna. The journalist spoke with great elegance and dignity about the death threats she received recently. One of them, claiming beheading and sent to his home. This is not the first that the leader of Face à l’info has been the target of threats. Very touched by the traumatic ordeal that his former collaborator is going through, the host of C8 also asked his other comrades about the consequences of the media coverage in their personal lives. And the answers have been final. Géraldine Maillet, Valérie Benaïm, Gilles Verdez or even Matthieu Delormeau, have all revealed that they have lived through painful moments.

And the ex-star of NRJ12 took the opportunity to recount his sometimes very distressing daily life when in the light: “The violence that it creates is mind-blowing, and yes it changes your life. You live in a kind of terror that before did not exist at all (…) we live differently ”he explained, revealing that he went around his building several times to be sure that no one was following him around. the street. Or be more vigilant at red lights when a two-wheeler with two helmeted individuals comes up to it. To protect himself from possible attacks, Matthieu Delormeau even slipped that he always had a weapon with him, “I had a taser, a gas in my car (…) And yes I have a weapon with me, everyone. time, all the time! So these are not firearms, but here it is… ”. A moving story that questions media freedom in France, as Christine Kelly pointed out.

“I did not do that for that” explains with emotion @Mdelormeau after receiving many threats. #TPMP

In October 2019, the TV man had already been the subject of a violent assault … Homophobic, this time. A guest on the set of Non Stop People, the columnist said he was “taken out of a taxi” because he was gay. “You get in the taxi, I tell him Boulogne, and he has started. I said to him: But where are you going? Isn’t the shortest way straight? He said to me: The shortest way, above all, is for you to get out of my little queer cab, “he explained at the time. The taxi driver had received a simple reminder of the law. What Matthieu Delormeau had deplored.

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