On the set of C à vous, this Wednesday, September 8, Nagui expressed his surprise to see that his future show, The Artist, would face The Voice All-Stars on its first day of broadcasting. He did not know that a coach from the TF1 show was at his side …

Nagui is a jack-of-all-trades presenter, but undeniably has a passion for music. The well-known host of Don’t Forget the Paroless is about to launch a new telecrochet called The Artist. Invited on the set of C à vous, this Wednesday, Nagui has somewhat tackled The Voice: All-Stars, which will also be broadcast on September 11. But in front of him was a person who had participated in the filming of the TF1 show …

The Artist, Nagui’s new talent show, will face a tough opponent on the day it first airs, and the presenter doesn’t really like it.

While maintaining his characteristic politeness, Nagui did indeed blurt out a bit on the C to you set: “They wouldn’t have put their sights on The Artist to be nice,” he said. And Nagui continued: “I don’t want to start a controversy but [The Voice] was recorded almost a year ago … We will be live-.”

And at this point, Nagui is cut by Camille Lellouche, who tells him that she attended the filming of The Voice as “Patrick Fiori’s co-coach”.

Obviously, Nagui did not know that Camille Lellouche had participated in The Voice: All-Stars. The presenter then asks him to confirm this information before finishing, a little disconcerted, his rant:

Designed to highlight authors, composers and performers with a “universe of their own”, The Artist is a new entertainment program that will be broadcast every Saturday from 8:40 pm on France 2.

Ref: https://www.gentside.com