Everything is rolling for Adriana Karembeu. Married to Aram-André Ohanian since 2014, the couple is fusional and in perfect harmony. In August 2018, then aged 46, the Slovak model gave birth to her first child, a baby girl named Nina. As for her career, she continues to co-host The Extraordinary Powers of the Human Body alongside Michel Cymes, and to work on new projects with the famous doctor. Without forgetting that she is preparing to join the cast of Plus belle la vie. In short, as she approaches her 50th birthday, she couldn’t be happier. Always well in her body, Adriana Karembeu was questioned by our colleagues from Nous Deux this Tuesday, August 31, on cosmetic surgery very practiced among models today, and the least we can say is that her opinion is clear!

For several years now, many women have decided to go through cosmetic surgery to stay or appear younger. But this fashion is not at all to the taste of Adriana Karembeu: “When I see the ravages of cosmetic surgery, it does not make me want,” she says. Very practiced, she notes that the age of young women who abuse the scalpel is lower and lower: “Girls who start very young find themselves caught in an infernal cycle”, she confides before concluding: “I don’t like “Botox culture”. “

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It’s back to school and the last vacationers are packing their bags. At the Saint-Charles station in Marseille, many crestfallen mines board the train to their homes. And some ex-vacationers are more spirited than others.

Love is in the Meadow, Season 16, Go! This Monday, August 30, M6 broadcast the first episodes of the dating show presented by Karine Le Marchand. An event commented on by Internet users, who reacted to the best moments of the evening on Twitter.

On the occasion of his return to France 2, Laury Thilleman confided in his many projects. Is a baby one of his priorities? The former Miss responded in cash.

A dozen organizations – bringing together academics, lawyers, women’s and youth organizations – are calling on the population to demonstrate on Monday, August 30, across the country. They accuse the president and vice-president of plunging the country into chaos. Ten years after its independence, South Sudan is one of the poorest countries on the planet. 82% of the population live below the poverty line according to the World Bank, despite oil reserves and aid from the international community.

In Lebanon, a former president of the Order of Pharmacists was detained in the fight against the illegal storage of drugs. This campaign comes as the country of the Cedar is facing a serious shortage of drugs that is endangering the lives of several hundred patients. Along with our correspondent in Beirut, Paul KhalifehRabih Hassouna, a party close to former Prime Minister Saad Hariri, was arrested after a search by the Liba army

Four weeks before the eagerly awaited federal elections in Germany, the three candidates vying for the chancellery clashed this Sunday evening during a televised debate. In recent days, the polls have given an advantage to Olaf Scholz’s SPD, which is now ahead of the other two parties. With our correspondent in Berlin, Pascal Thibaut Two plus one. The debate between the three candidates was above all marked by lively exchanges between the Christian Democrat Armin Laschet and the Green

Jean-Daniel is one of the farmers in the brand new season of Love is in the Meadow. And this Monday, August 30, on M6, the Swiss winegrower has already stood out … but not really for the right reasons.

At the end of July, the Tshikapa and Kasai rivers were polluted with toxic substances after a mine waste dam failed in Angola. While this pollution severely affects the populations of the Kasai province in the center of the Democratic Republic of the Congo, the Congolese authorities fear an environmental crisis on a regional scale with a probable contamination of the Congo River. In Tshikapa, the main town of Kasai province, concern is growing. This f

YOU TESTIFY – Continue to take a drink? Allow the kids to go to bed late until Wednesday? Telecommuting in shorts and flip flops? How do you keep the holiday spirit alive a little?

This Monday, August 30, 2021, Jessica Thivenin gave news of her daughter Leewane, born prematurely. The reality TV star has announced happy news about her.

While Laurent Gbagbo received representatives of the Wê people from the west of the country at his home in Mama, Pascal Affi N’Guessan traveled through his region of Moronou. A tour of “explanations” for the president of FPI-Legal, necessary after the clear break with the former head of state. With our correspondent in Abidjan, Pierre PintoPascal Affi N’Guessan completed his tour at home in Moronou this Sunday. Five days to explain to your “parents”, as they say in Côte d’Ivoire

The conflict, which was primarily intended to drive the Taliban out of Afghanistan, ends with a return of fundamentalists to power in the Central Asian country.

Many personalities have headed to Italy to attend the Dolce & Gabbana Alta Moda fashion show.

UNITED STATES – Thousands of residents ordered to evacuate as flames approach dangerously, with an unbreathable look

What is Tokenism? Thank you for asking the question! Tokenism comes from the English “tokenism” denoting the symbolic efforts of companies to include people from minority groups, without justifying this choice, nor giving it a context. It is therefore a ruse not to be accused of discrimination. Thus, the representative of the company can always respond to accusations by defending himself from being progressive by the occasional inclusion of women, young people

EPIDEMIC – Since August 9, the health pass is mandatory to go to restaurants, events or for long-distance journeys by public transport for example

ACCIDENT – Cyclist was hit by a leaking car, losing his right mirror in the impact

A rocket attack claimed by the jihadist group Islamic State in Khorasan (IS-K) targeted Kabul airport on Monday, as the United States begins a race against time to carry out the final evacuations before the departure of the army scheduled for Tuesday. Kabul airport was the target of a new rocket attack on Monday, August 30, White House spokeswoman Jen Psaki said. On the eve of the planned departure of the US military in Afghanistan, she assured q

A second day of excavations began Tuesday morning in a wood of Issancourt-et-Rumel, in the Ardennes, to try to find the body of little Estelle Mouzin, alleged victim of Michel Fourniret in 2003, noted journalists from the ‘AFP.

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