VIDEO – A few seconds before answering Cyril Hanouna’s questions, the famous infectious disease specialist did not hide his annoyance at participating in the C8 talk show.

Monday, “Hands off my post!” made its comeback on C8. For season 13 of his talk show, Cyril Hanouna wanted more news, debate and media news. For this, he called on new columnists and imagined new sections. Among them, the “Flingueurs du PAF” offers four speakers the opportunity to debate a very topical subject in a limited time. For the first, lawyer Fabrice Di Vizio, doctor and essayist Laurent Alexandre, columnist Matthieu Delormeau and activist Oliv Oliv have each in turn defended their point of view on the health pass. A heated debate attended, from a distance, by Professor Didier Raoult.

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And as the host was about to close the debate to begin the interview with the doctor, the latter, believing himself to be off the air, blurted out: “I do not participate in debates like that”. “Ah! He is pissed off, ”commented Cyril Hanouna amused. “You see that’s the real one,” added the C8 troublemaker. “Of course, Professor Raoult is not going to argue with you as he just said, it’s really an interview,” said the host.

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Once again on the air, the doctor continued, “I don’t talk with crazy people.” Enough to cause general hilarity on the set of “TPMP”. “My wife is a psychiatrist, she talks with crazy people. So if you want to get excited like that, you make a date with her but I don’t talk with horny people like that, ”he said. When finally the connection with Didier Raoult was established, the latter, visibly very upset, blurted out: “Good evening. Speak to me with respect, without insulting me, without getting excited or I will leave “. Not enough to unsettle Cyril Hanouna.

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