Tessa Worley, 8th in the first run at 1”45 behind Mikaela Shiffrin: “I’m disappointed, it’s a bit complicated first run. My feelings right out of the box, a part I love here, weren’t what I expected. I was having trouble getting into my curves, this snow is a little harder than it looks. I left with good intentions, unfortunately I didn’t manage to write them down, I was a little too tense. Unfortunately, that makes a big difference, but it’s still reasonable compared to the podium. I’m up against the wall again, I have no choice but to put out a big second round. “

Coralie Frasse-Sombet, 22nd at 3.33: “It hit a lot, it’s quite long, it hurts the rods … You have to always manage to cut the curves to have speed, and when it hits that is not obvious. If we do not keep the speed up and down we quickly take 3 seconds. I’m in the right place to have a good track in the second round, and to be able to grab places around the Top 15. ”

Clara Direz, 39th at 5”08 and eliminated: “It’s a disappointment. I didn’t run a lot, I’m not keeping up with the pace of the race. Training isn’t that yet, I lack confidence, I know what has to be done, it might take time. I have work to do in the walls, I lack confidence, I protect my curves too much, I dare not take speed, I knew it before coming here. But it’s not a big blow either, I’ve been through much worse things than that, last year I almost wasn’t there (she suffered from a pulmonary embolism in September 2020). The races will be linked, there is one tomorrow to try to reset everything. “

Doriane Escané, 43rd at 5”32 and eliminated: “It was not easy, it hit, it was seen. I missed my turns a bit, I was going without really going. It’s been a while since I last made a giant, it’s kind of my level at the moment. My family is there, it’s good but I’m always disappointed to disappoint. I hope to do better tomorrow. When we do these results, it does not feel too good to go shopping … The sequence of races, if I manage to get back into it, it will be a good thing. “

Ref: https://www.lequipe.fr