While viewers of L’amour est dans le pré are preparing to discover the first part of the show’s balance sheet, one of Franck’s contenders, Cécile, sows doubt on the future of the farmer.

Nothing commits them to it, but some L’Amour est dans le pré candidates know how to use their status to participate in the promotion of M6’s entertainment program. If some enjoy a certain notoriety at the time of the broadcast of their season, others have even become almost influencers following their time on the show, like Jérôme and Lucile from last season who have since become parents. For everyone, social networks have in any case become essential, as much to share about their adventures as to make updates on what viewers can see live, and which took place months before for the main concerned. During this 16th season, several candidates therefore made use of their personal profile on social networks to convey a few messages. We can for example quote Nathalie, the sparkling blonde farmer, calf breeder under the mother, who spoke of the criticisms that had been made to her on the reception given to her suitors and who shares, at the same time, photos of her daily life. at the farm.

Other participants of the show made use of their social networks during the season to comment on their passage. It is especially Franck, the sylviculturist, who intrigued his followers with his numerous publications. Its participation in itself, tinged with difficult choices, is one of those that holds viewers most spellbound. Indeed, the farmer had invited two women to the farm: Anne-Lise and Cécile, the “Line Renaud” for whom he had fallen in love with speed-dating. But once home, things did not go as planned and the farmer who had never had a love affair, had felt forced to choose the contender who said she was ready to quickly move in to his family. sides, Anne-Lise. It didn’t take long for her to realize her mistake and regret her default choice, much to the chagrin of the one who immediately left the race. The farmer is not the only one to maintain the suspense through his networks. Since the start of the adventure, his contender Cécile has also made use of her personal page to share about her adventure.

Its latest publication sows doubt on what we will be able to see, or not, this Monday evening on M6. “I am in a taxi in Paris in September … so according to you is it a professional trip or for the record? Is it a colleague or Franck behind the phone? The mystery is difficult to unravel … colleagues have tracked my days of absence but as I had a lot of trips in September impossible to know. So tonight you will know! In addition to a broadcast on November 22 … Some see it as a sign, “he said. she writes in the caption of her new photo. Endless suspense that does not seem to please everyone on the networks. In comments, a few Internet users complained, like one of them: “It’s a shame that you’ve been talking so much about Franck, making us play riddles for a few weeks! But love is not a game! I saw you differently. Frankly, it’s rare that I criticize but now I’ve been keeping it to myself, it “bothers” me a bit! “

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